Medical Tourism Will Accelerate Growth of Kerala



“Kerala has not fully utilized the potential of medical tourism yet. Our state can flourish further in medical tourism sector if we integrate the services of traditional Indian medicine systems and speciality hospitals. It would help to generate job opportunities and to bring more revenue to the state. Medical tourism can play a pivotal role in the development of Kerala,” opined Santhigiri Ashram Organizing Secretary Swami Gururethnam Jnana Thapaswi.

He was inaugurating MediBiz Ayur Home, the first Indian medical tourism network promoted by MediBiz TV, near Thiruvambadi Beach, Varkala, on Sunday. MediBiz TV is the first global TV channel for the healthcare sector.

Leading NRI entrepreneur Sohan Roy launched MediBiz Ayur Home as part of the efforts to develop Kerala into an international medical tourism destination.

Improve infrastructure

“Medical tourism should go hand in hand with health tourism. Traditional Indian medicine systems especially Ayurveda and Siddha play a crucial role in medical tourism. Even though Kerala has immense potential in medical tourism sector due to lack of world-class infrastructure facilities, the state is far behind. To augment Kerala’s further development the state government should take effective steps to capitalize the benefits of medical tourism said Aries Group Chairman cum CEO Sohan Roy.

“By 2020, medical tourism industry of India is expected to touch USD 8 billion. Our state contributes only five per cent now, it can be increased to 10 to 12 per cent,” he added.


Medical tourism; Future of Kerala

Meanwhile Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) Chairman M Vijayakumar emphasized that medical tourism will decide future development of Kerala. “We can give quality health care packages at affordable rates to tourists. However to reach out to customers proper marketing campaigns across the country and abroad are imperative. In addition to this awareness seminars, camps, road shows should also be conducted to educate people about the benefits of medical tourism,” he said.

Novel projects vital

“Tourism is an important factor that contribute to the economical development of Kerala. Our state tops in health tourism sector in the country. In order to implement novel projects like medical tourism in speedy manner, government and investors should join hands,” said Tourfed Managing Director Shaji Madhavan.

Development of basic infrastructure and hygienic conditions are also equally important he added.

Varkala MLA V Joy, renowned entrepreneur J Rajmohan Pillai, Chairman of Beta Group and eminent personalities from socio, cultural, political and business attended the function.

Medibiz Ayur Excellence Awards distributed

The first Medibiz Ayur Excellence Awards, accredited by the World Medical Council, were distributed on the occasion. Medibiz Ayur Excellence Awards is an honour to medical associations, hospitals, resorts, holistic services, medical publications and organic food network for their valuable contributions towards healthcare sector.

Dr. P. R. Krishna Kumar, Managing Director of Coimbatore-based The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy was bestowed with Lifetime Achievement award – Ayur Vibhushan for his outstanding services to Ayurveda sector. While Dr. Krishnan and Mohanan Vaidyar were honoured with Ayur Bhushan award respectively for their contributions to traditional Indian medicine systems.


Medical Associations

Best Association-Ayurveda : PAMPA

Best Association-Yoga: Patanjali Yoga Training & Research Centre

Best Association-Naturopathy: Indian Naturopathy & Yoga Graduate Medical Association

Best Association-Siddha: Sidha Medical Association of India

Best Association-Indian Traditional Medicine: Paramparya Ayurveda Vaidya Samgham

Hospitals & Resorts

Best Medical College for Ayurveda & Siddha: Santhi Giri

Best Integrated Hospital-Indian Healing Traditions: Ashtamga Ayurveda Vidya Peeth

Best Premium Ayurvedic wellness & Beach Resort: Somatheeram

Best Resort Chain with Ayurvedic Spa: Thomas Group

Holistic Medical Services

Most popular Holistic medicine Brand: Pankaja Kasturi

Most reputed Holistic Brand: Kottackal

Fastest Growing Holistic Brand : Patanjali

Best Publications/Programmes

Best Medical Publication : Manorama Arogyam

Most popular Medical Publication : Mathrubhumi Arogyam Masika

Most popular TV Program on Alternative Medicne:   Amritha TV-Jeevadhara

Best Research Publication : Ancient Science of Life

Organic Food Network

Best traditional brand in Preserved food: Namboothiris

Best dedicated Restaurant-Organic food & sales. : Organic Fable Slow food restaurant

Popular food chain-Organic food : Aruvi Nature Food Restaurant

Best Organic Juice Outlet:  Juice Village,Pala

Special Awards

Best rural holistic medical services : Kottarakara-Smith Hospital

Best accredited treatment centre-Indian Healing Traditions: Punarnnava Ayurveda Hospital

Special Achievement-Medical Insurance: Dr. Induchoodan

Medical Events : Global Ayurveda Fest

MediBiz Ayur Sree Awards:

  • Avanipparambu Maheswaran
  • Bhavadasan Namboothiri
  • Vijayan,Nangelil Ayurveda College.
  • Mohan Kumar
  • Vinod Krishnan
  • Rajiv Shenoy
  • Satish (Nadi)
  • Jacob Vadakkumcherry
  • Sivaraman Vaidyar (Rabis patent in Ayurveda)
  • CVN Kalari Asan.
  • Santhosh

Ayur Vibhushan Awards- Life time Achievement

MediBiz Ayur Vibhushan: Dr.PR Krishnakumar

Special Honouring (Traditional Vaidyans)

Narendran Vaidyar

Ustad Vaidyar

Dennison Vaidyar

Venunathan Vaidyar (Both Traditional Vaidyar & Organic Farmer)

Subhash Babu Vaidyan,Kayippuram

Ms. Uma Soman Vaidya  ,Karumadi

Rajan Vaidyar,Kamalalayam,Ambalappuzha

Sajikumar Vaidyan,Karuvatta.

Rajamony Vaidyar

Special Honouring (Organic Farmers)

TK Raju (Honey specialist)

Suresh (Jayakerala President, Ambalappuzha)




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