Four Reasons to Watch Horror Web-Series Cartoon on Hoichoi



Horror as a genre has a wide following in films national, regional as well as international. But in web based online medium it is very rare in India. In fact in the Bengali entertainment industry Hoi Choi have pioneered the web based horror through its web-series Cartoon. The series is streaming since end of September. If you have not watched it yet, we give you four reasons to watch this series.

Direction wise
Sourav Chakraborty’s direction gives a thrilling twist to the series. The director does not resort to stock horror elements to mesmerize the audiences. Instead sights and sounds are used in a smart way so as to heighten the cinematic experience.

Look & feel
The look and feel of the series is very modern. One does not find the conventional and stock elements used in the horror films in both Bollywood and Tollywood. Sights and sounds have been used to heighten the horror experience.


Acting wise
Mainak and Payel’s expressions are apt and to the point. Their expressions help in furthering the horror element in the web-series. Mainak as the cartoonist Aritra and his expressions of finding blood on the drawings are praiseworthy. Payel’s expressions too deserve praise.

Back ground music
Music is an essential part of heightening the web-series. Sound can help in creating an atmosphere of horror and that is what is done aptly in the series. The creaking doors and the other associating sounds all create an aura which will surely keep the audiences mesmerized.

Cartoon will provide the thrills and chills that will keep you satiated.

Priyanka Dutta

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