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Actress Sayani Datta will be next seen in Satrajit Sen’s new film Michael in an interesting character. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the talented actress to discuss about her upcoming project and also future plans. Excerpts..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- Michael is all ready for release. Tell us something about your character in the film.

Sayani Datta- I play the role of the assistant of Michael in the film. She is more like a sister to Michael. Most of my scenes were with Mir and Soumitra uncle (Soumitra Chatterjee). Mir is like a laughing entertainment. Working with Soumitra uncle was special and hence I am eagerly waiting for the film to release. This film is also special because I have done comedy, unlike the other films that I have acted in. I love to laugh and make people laugh in real life and this film gave me the chance to laugh.

How much did you have on the sets of Michael?

Sayani Datta- When Mir is on the sets, you do not need anyone else for comedy. He was always making us laugh. It was more of a picnic than shooting a film. Every morning I used to wake up and wait to go to the shooting. Most of my scenes were with Mir and I had a grand time during the shoot of the film.


Can you share some funny incidents while shooting the film?

Sayani Datta- (laughs) I know our director will not like to share this incident but I said that I will tell everyone about this event. One day he was puking on the sets. I went to ask him something and he puked on me. This is indeed a funny incident and worth sharing.

How was it working with the director Satrajit Sen?

Sayani Datta- He is like my brother. He is a very cool director and very cool minded. He does not get angry quickly. I share a great rapport with him. Hence working with him was a really great experience for me.

How will your fans react to your role in this film?

Sayani Datta- Well, I guess they will like it. I have become tired after acting in so many serious films. I have decided to do some comic films before doing a serious film again.

Tell us something about your other projects that you are working on.

Sayani Datta- My next release after Michael will be Kaya which is a thriller movie. Again I have played a serious role in that film. The shooting of the film happened in places like Shillong and Cherrapunji too and we again had a great time shooting that film.

Is it a conscious decision to pick and act in serious roles?

Sayani Datta– Not at all!! I laugh so much in my real life that directors often think of casting me in a role that is opposite to my nature. I have decided now to do less serious roles and do some comedy.

How challenging was doing comedy?

Sayani Datta- It was difficult because the character that I play has hearing problems. She wears shabby clothes. I am not like this in my real life. Moreover I had some difficult scenes with Soumitra uncle. Hence it was quite challenging for me.

What are your expectations from the film Michael?

Sayani Datta- This is my personal favourite film after Na Hannyate. Like my other films, I have high expectations from this one as well. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Wishing Sayani all the best for Michael!!

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