7 Reasons Why You Must Not Miss Thor: Ragnarok This Weekend



Thor: Ragnarok released just two weeks before Justice League hits the screen worldwide. We give you some solid reasons why you should watch this film this weekend. Read on.


Chris Hemsworth as Thor gets his hair cut short in the course of the film, shows off his chiselled body, fights with the Hulk and does all the activities which show off his heroism and charisma in equal amounts. Many thought Thor was not such a strong character but with this film, the perception is about to change.


Tom Hiddleston as Loki has some of the best lines in the film and the God of Mischief continues with his pranks in the running time of the film. He may not be strong as Thor or Hulk but he makes it up for that with his acting and his mischievous acts.


He may not be getting a single film in the near future, but we get to see much of Hulk to compensate for it. The fans of the Strongest Avenger will be in for a treat. The scenes between Hulk and Thor will draw the highest amount of laughs from the audience.

The music of the film

Music composed by Mark Mothersbaugh is a serious treat for the ears and gels extremely well with the flow of the film. The soundtrack has been very well composed.

The Villain

Apart from Loki, not much strong villains can be found in the Thor franchise. This film makes up for it with the entrance of Hela, Thor and Loki’s sister. Cate Blanchett breathes life into the character and she is menacingly evil.


Stan Lee’s cameo in the film is again a treat for the fans of the Marvel films. The man will again be seen in this film and the audience will have a grand time watching him on the big screen.


After Guardians of the Galaxy movie, this is one film which is visually stunning and adheres to the comic books. People watching it in the 3D version will even like it very much.

Hence these are some reasons why you must book a ticket this weekend and watch Thor: Ragnarok.

Priyanka Dutta

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