Poster Launch of Amazon Obhijaan; Breaks Record Set by Baahubali Poster


Video: Poster Launch of Amazon Obhijaan

SVF unveiled the biggest movie poster for a Bengali film, Amazon Obhijaan at Mohun Bagan Ground. Dev, Kamaleswar Mukherjee, Debajyoti Mishra and others graced the occasion.


Amazon Adventure (as the English version will be named) is the most expensive Bengali film ever produced, surpassing its prequel, Chander Pahar -the highest box office grosser till date.

Speaking at the event, Dev said “I am thankful for the love that my fans have showered on the previous film. I hope that they continue to love Shankar and go to the halls to watch this film again and again as we all have worked very hard on it”.


Dev while talking about shooting in the forests of Amazon said “When the idea was brought up about shooting in Amazon, I was not so excited. That is because I had seen on Google the dangers that can be found in the forests. A spit of an insect can kill many people. Just imagine the danger we took to do the shooting. If the audience like it, then the hard work will pay off”.

The area of the poster is 60,800 square feet (5640 sq. Meters). The gigantic Amazon Obhijaan poster breaks the film poster record set by Baahubali which was 51,600 sq. ft. (4794 sq. meters).


Kamaleswar Mukherjee praised Dev for his courage as he did the stunts himself. “I was worried that if he gets hurt, that will be a huge trouble. Not only for the industry but also for the fact that his fans will dislike me” joked the director.


The 97-metre-long (320 feet) and 58-metre-wide (190 feet) Amazon Obhijaan poster, if placed vertically, would be taller than Big Ben (96 meters), Statue of Liberty (93 meters) or Qutub Minar (73 meters).

The film is eyeing for release on 22nd December.

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