Mass Awareness Program on Skin Problems Organized at Kalamandir



A mass awareness program was organized at Kalamandir to discuss ‘Truth behind the Myth & Misconceptions on Skin Problems’.

Sandipan Dhar, President, ISPD, Professor, Institute of Child Health and the International faculty of Dermatology along with DR. Raghubir Banerjee and DR. Rajib Malakar, the renowned pediatric Dermatologists of the city addressed the press and share their experience on this subject for mass awareness.

One of the things that the doctors pointed out is the fact that people are not aware much about the skin diseases. There is prejudice, myths associated with the disease and misconceptions which are the reasons why patients often hide them.

Not all skin diseases are infectious. This is another great misconception that many people harbor.

Depression happens in patients who have developed any kind of skin diseases like Eczema or Vitiligo. They shy away from people and often do not attend social gatherings. Families have a great role to play in such cases as they must break the misconceptions of the patient.

Drugs alone cannot be the answer to the problem. The people needs to be educated so as to cure these diseases at the initial stages and lead a good life.

Priyanka Dutta

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