Unique Workout Workshop for Diabetic Patients Organized by Soumen’s Workout



Soumen’s Workout organized a unique Workout Workshop for the Diabetic Patients as an awareness initiative on World Diabetes Day highlighting the risk factors associated being a victim of diabetes. The ultimate goal of the state-of-the-art slimming centre is to protect not only the current generation and old people but also the future generation from the diabetic epidemic with the adoption of ‘No Machine’ workout regime and an effective counseling session.

The event witnessed a Workshop for the diabetic patients with the active participation of people from different walks of life. Mr. Soumen Das, Owner, Soumen’s Workout was present to conduct the workshop. The initiative was aimed at ensuring a diabetic-free society against the devastating health consequences and also against the social, environmental and economic scourges of diabetic.

Soumen’s Workout held an Open-Air Free workout session in two main parts of the city to reach out to maximum Diabetic patients, covering World Diabetes Day at Big Ben Clock – Lake Town and Victoria Memorial Hall (South Gate). Apart from this, every Sunday a fitness camp has also been initiated by Soumen’s Workout at all its outlets whereby free counseling on the nutritional aspects and workout will be shared to achieve the desired results.

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