Interview: Satrajit Sen on Making His Debut as a Director with Michael (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive)


Video: Interview of Director Satrajit Sen
Producer turned director Satrajit Sen is busy promoting his soon to release Bengali film Michael. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the debutant director and engaged the director in a candid conversation. Exerpts..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- From being a producer to becoming a director- how did this change come about?

Satrajit Sen- I and Mir had plans of doing something together. We thought we will be making a series of short films. Then however this idea struck me. That was way back in 2009. After that so many years have passed. And with me things happen at a delayed pace. Hence I took so many years to come up with this film Michael.


What challenge did you face while shooting the film?

Satrajit Sen- I am not only the director but also the producer. Hence the sole trouble that I had to encounter was monetary problems. Getting finances for a film is an extremely difficult job. Once that was solved, I did not have to face problems. I had a great cast which consisted of so many great actors. We had a clear and well planned schedule and we stuck to it. 17-18 schedules were made so that we could handle all the actors and work together in an organized way.

How did you select the cast for the film?

Satrajit Sen- Mir, Soumitra Chatterjee and Swastika Mukherjee was to be there when I actually thought of making the film. Mir was my first choice for Michael. I gave Soumitra babu the script. He took four days and then he said yes to the film.


How was the experience of shooting the film?

Satrajit Sen- Apart from Soumitra babu, all the other actors is my friends. Hence we had a great time during the shoot of the film. When Mir is around, you can very well understand what happens. When they were not giving shots, they used to giggle continuously. He used to either copy Soumitra babu or the other actors.

We however had to take care of Soumitra babu’s schedule because he had a huge role in the film. His age is an issue and hence we took care not to stress him out. Due to the scheduling that we did, we could complete everything in time.

What are your expectations from the film?

Satrajit Sen- Like any other filmmaker, I am also positive that the film will be liked and appreciated by the audience. Some people have watched the film and they have given positive reviews. We hope that the audience will also love it.

When is the film releasing?

Satrajit Sen- The release date will be announced in the first week of December.

We hope that Satrajit Sen strikes gold as a director too with Michael.
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