Interview: Actor Mainak Banerjee on Chowdhury Rajbari and His Upcoming Projects (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive)


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Actor Mainak Banerjee has three releases this year namely Comrade, Phaans and Chowdhury Rajbari. The actor has been praised for his acting in all the films. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the actor about how the year 2017 fared and what are his plans in the New Year. Excerpts..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- With three films releasing this year, you did have a good time in 2017..

Mainak Banerjee- Yes, the year has been quite good for me professionally.


The film Chowdhury Rajbari has been getting good feedback from the audience. How does it feel when you get such good feedback?

Mainak Banerjee- It surely feels awesome. It gives us more energy to work with more fervour in our next film. The audience has been mentioning that this is an original script and not a remake. They have been appreciating that aspect. Moreover I will like to tell all those audiences who have not watched the film that they must watch this film. They will surely like it.

What made you say yes to Chowdhury Rajbari?

Mainak Banerjee- Mainly the heroes are portrayed as good individuals who do not have any grey areas in their personality. However the protagonist here has shades in his personality. That appealed to me. Here in this film, the hero was not all good. Instead he had shades of grey in his personality which according to me made him more humane.

What are your favourite films on reincarnation?

Mainak Banerjee- Karan Arjun is my all time favourite movie on reincarnation. Khudito Pashan is also a favourite.

What was your experience of working in Chowdhury Rajbari?

Mainak Banerjee- It was an awesome experience. I am getting to play such wonderful and different characters in the films. I am grateful to my directors for giving me such great roles in the films.

Are you satisfied with the kind of characters that you are getting?

Mainak Banerjee- No, no!! If I become satisfied already, then that will stunt my growth as an actor. I want to continue my job of portraying different characters and grow as an actor.

Do you have plans of becoming a director in the future?

Mainak Banerjee- No, I don’t have any such plans. For becoming a director, you need to have the interest and also knowledge of directing a film. I do not have the requisite knowledge. Many directors like Sourav often say that he became a director by accident. However he is doing a great job. Even Tathagata’s short film has been getting great appreciation.


What are your upcoming projects?

Mainak Banerjee- My upcoming projects are Nilanjana and Terrorist. I have played different characters in both these films. However I am not sure when the films will be releasing.

Will you work in remakes or only in films with original scripts?

Mainak Banerjee- I don’t have any problems working in remakes or films with original scripts. So long as the character is good, I am ready to do that.

Can we see you acting in the small screen in future?

Mainak Banerjee- If I get a good role, yes I will be working in the small screen. However the role has to be good for me to agree to do the role.

What is your New Year plan?

Mainak Banerjee- As such I do not have any plans. If there is time, I can go for a rock climbing expedition.

Wishing Mainak all the best for his future projects!!

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