Interview: Director Manoj Michigan on His Experiences of Shooting Aami Joy Chatterjee and His Next Projects (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive)


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Director Manoj Michigan is back again with a new film titled Aami Joy Chatterjee. The film which will release in January 2018 has been gaining positive feedback from the audience. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the acclaimed director at One Way Cafe. Excerpts..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- Can you tell us something about the story of the film?
Manoj Michigan- Joy Chatterjee is the main lead of the film which is played by Abir Chatterjee. He is a self centred and egoistic person. He is more concerned about himself and his work. He does not have any compassion for others. His fiancé is Dr Aditi Roy who is poles apart from him in nature and temperament. She is a paediatrician and loves to mix with kids. A friction develops between them. Joy goes missing. What happens next?


Why did you select Abir Chatterjee for the role of Joy?
Manoj Michigan- When I was writing the story, his face came to my mind for this role. However he was busy and he did not have dates for the next three months. We had to begin shooting. So we decided to carry on with it. However I and my producer decided that we should wait for him as he fits the role very much. Thank god we did. He is a genuinely good human being and very production friendly actor.

Can you tell us about the cast of the film?
Manoj Michigan- Shataf Figar, Joya Ahsan, five kids, a Buddhist monk all will be seen in the film.

Where did you shoot for the film?
Manoj Michigan- We shot in Kolkata and four days in Kalimpong.


Can you share with us any memorable incident while shooting the film?
Manoj Michigan- Well, Joy goes missing and then he has stubble. And maintaining that was difficult. The scene where Joy has stubble was shot four months after the first leg of the shooting. I had to remind Abir the night before the shoot that he needs to keep his stubble for the shoot next day. He also took immense care and used to remember when he needed to keep the stubble. That was quite funny actually.

Will you continue making more thrillers in future or do you have plans to move to some other genres?
Manoj Michigan- I love thrillers. Keeping the audience guessing till the last is very interesting for me. 89 was a dark thriller but Aami Joy Chatterjee has many shades. My next film Tritiyo Adhyay of which I recently completed the shooting is a romantic thriller. Abir Chatterjee is in the film. So yes, my love for thriller continues in my next film too.

What are your favourite thriller films?
Manoj Michigan- Seven and Sixth Sense are my two favourite thriller films. They surprised and amazed me.

Who has composed the music of the film?
Manoj Michigan- Raja Narayan Deb has composed the music of the film and also the background music too. He did a wonderful job composing the music of the film.

Your film will be releasing in the New Year. What are your expectations from the film?
Manoj Michigan- Like every other film, I have high expectations. If I can keep the audience guessing till the end, my job is done. Let’s see how the film fares.

The film Aami Joy Chatterjee is eyeing for release on 12th January. Wishing the team all the best!!

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