SHER Calendar 2018 Unveiled; Birds as Theme of 2018 Calendar


Video: SHER Calendar 2018 Unveiled

Mimi Chakraborty, Arindam Sil, Sohini Sarkar and others unveiled the SHER Calendar 2018 at Chaiwala.


Environment has been destroyed at a fast pace all over the world. To protect nature, Society for heritage and ecological researches better known as SHER has been doing their work unabatedly.

SHER has been bringing out these calendars for a few years now. Each year they take up a new topic showcased in the calendar. The topic for this year is birds.


Speaking at the event, director-actor Arindam Sil said “It is the responsibility of every individual to do their part for preserving Nature. Otherwise we have a bleak future in the long run”.

With the help of this calendar, SHER tries to connect two heritage sites Ranikhet and Holm Farm. The message is clear and they want to strike a balance between nature and history.

Priyanka Dutta

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