Shooting of Rick Basu’s Film Rani; A Musical Thriller Involving a Women Music Band


Video: Shooting of Rick Basu’s Film Rani

The setting is that of a Ganesh Puja and a girl band is all geared up to perform in front of the audience. If you are wondering where this concert took place, then do not worry. You will be able to see this girl band in action in Rick Basu’s upcoming Bengali film Rani.

The film touted as a musical thriller by the director has copious amounts of music along with elements of the thrill to keep the audience hooked to their seats.

Rukmini, Amrita, Neha and Insiya are the four main characters in this film. The first letter of their names has been joined to form the name of the band. Amrita Chatterjee, Sreya Majumdar, Arunima Choudhury and Sneha Ghosh will be playing the characters of the four band members in Rani.


Kamaleswar Mukherjee who had worked with Rick in other projects is working under his direction for the first time. Speaking in between shots, he said “I play Sidhu Jetha in the film. He is a knowledgeable man and how he becomes attached with this female band is what the audience will have to come to the hall to know. This character is not similar to the Sidhu Jetha found in the Feluda stories. The name is just the same”.

The shooting will take place in different parts of the city.

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