Tollywood Celebrities Grace Colour Walk; An Initiative to Spread Cancer Awareness Among People



We Can Cancer Cannot Cancer Awareness Society (WeC3) is an organization that has been working with cancer patients on increasing cancer awareness for some years now. The main mission is to create a support group to stand by cancer affected patients and their families and help them fight cancer emotionally by providing them mental strength through counselling sessions, organizing some events like blood donation camps etc and also arrange events to spread awareness related to prevention of cancer.

Every year, they organise two major events – ‘Hope Festival’ and ‘Colour Walk’. While ‘Hope Festival’ is a charity event in which WeC3 donates fund to one cancer patient annually, generally in the later part of the year.

WeC3 began the year with a ‘Colour Walk’, an annual colourful walk that includes everyone from all walks of life and the focus is on creating awareness and taking oath related to the basic precautions that we can take, like practising a healthy lifestyle, going for annual health check up, exercising etc.


Director Raj Chakraborty, actress Sayantika took part in the event. The best part about the event was that it ended with a musical performance by the very talented music director and singer Upali Chattapadhyay and her marvellous team.

Common people, celebrities, students, teachers, doctors, survivors took part in the oath taking ceremony which was followed by releasing of balloons in unison to the sky which signifies that one day cancer can be defeated.

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