Interview: Director Rajib Chowdhury on His Journey into Films and His Wish of Making One Film Every Year (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive)



Director Rajib Chowdhury tasted success with Romantic Noy now has released his second film, Kaya. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the director just before the release of Kaya in an exclusive interview. Excerpts..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- When did you think of starting directing films?

Rajib Chowdhury- I have been in this business for a long time-17years. I began my career with Mayuri Films (Ramoji Film City). I was thinking about what I want to become. People asked whether I wanted to become a director. But I was not a FTII pass out. So I joined Mayuri Films to know more about films. I learnt the art of films, the art of distribution. It was then I felt that I was in the correct field of work. I learnt all the phases and then I thought I can now make a film. I made a short film and then Romantic Noy and Kaya.

Tell us something about Kaya.

Rajib Chowdhury- This is a thriller and also has elements of love and pain. I wanted to make a different film. The film will also have a morality which will be upheld for the society. Exploitation against women is happening everywhere. Women should stand up and protest against it.

You shot a huge portion of Kaya in Cherrapunji. How was the experience?

Rajib Chowdhury- I thought of shooting in North Bengal but that was not possible. I was looking for a new location. Hence the name of Cherrapunji and Shillong came up. When I went there, I found out that whatever I have written in the script is already there. We felt more than one uncanny event during the shooting. I felt that someone moved behind me during shooting or one of our production unit members saw someone and started shouting. Many such incidents happened during the shoot. But we never felt that the film will be stopped.


The cast of the film is huge. Did you find it challenging?

Rajib Chowdhury- I gave Koushik Sen two scripts. When he came for the shoot, he mesmerized us with his performance. I have worked with Priyanka before and she is a fantastic actress. Raima is also wonderful. Hence I did not find any problem whatsoever with such a huge ensemble cast.

How did you handle the four actresses in the film?

Rajib Chowdhury- I feel that this was less. I wish that in my next film I want to work with eight actresses. All of them were aware of their parts in the film and they have wonderfully done a great job in carrying forward the film. Women play an important part in our lives. And it is wonderful to have such talented actresses in one film.

What is next in line for you?

Rajib Chowdhury- I have a lot of plans actually. It may be a thriller or a film for children. I do not want to do more than one film in a year. I am involved from the pre-production stages and hence whatever I will do, I want to do it in the best way possible. Hence I will do less work but the quality should be good.

With what kind of films do you want to associate yourself in future?

Rajib Chowdhury– The most important element is emotions. Even in Kaya, you will find a lot of emotions at play. My films will always have an emotional aspect to them.


Will you ever make a remake in future?

Rajib Chowdhury- Not all remakes are good. Even I have watched some great remake films. But I will like to make films on original stories. However one cannot predict the future. One does not know what the future has in store for them.

What kind of films do you like to watch?

Rajib Chowdhury- I want to watch films of any genre and language. There is no barrier or borders in watching films.

Who is your favourite director?

Rajib Chowdhury- There is a huge number of names that comes to my mind. I am not saying the Hollywood film directors but naming the Indian ones. Satyajit Ray, Yash Chopra and many other names are constantly coming to my mind. If I begin naming them, it would take a whole day.

What are your expectations from Kaya?

Rajib Chowdhury- I have high expectations from Kaya. The film is made for the audience. If they like it, we will again get the chance to make new films. Everything is in the hands of the audience. I just hope that they like this musical thriller.

We also hope the same and we wish Rajib Chowdhury all the best for his future endeavours!!

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