Stars of Popular Colors Bangla Serials Share Their Holi Plans


Holi is the festival of colours and some of your favourite artists from COLORS Bangla shared their Holi plans.


Gaurab Roy Chowdhury ( SUBHO from SUBHO DRISHTI)- I am a very family person and during Holi the only thing that I do is spend time with my mother. My mother cooks really nice food and I celebrate my time with her. Anyways we are off on Dol so whole day is for family time or you can say well spent Holi with family.


Chandni Saha (Manasa from Manasa)- I am a complete Holi person and I play dirty Holi. But this time I am playing the lead role in Manasa and make-up plays a huge role in this. So I won’t be able to play as I have to protect my face and skin. But I’ll have my friends come over my place and will spend quality time with them. And no Holi is complete without good food.


Suman Dey ( Rudrajit from E Amar Gurudakshina)- When I was a child I used to play Holi like crazy. But these days colours be it water or abir have become very unhygienic. Also I am into a profession where your looks matters and so any spot on face or any part of the body might affect the skin. We have to shoot almost every day and the colours are very difficult to wash off. So I have decided since there’ll be no shoot on Dol I’ll be at home and just chill.

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