Pandit Bickram Ghosh Inaugurated India’s First Digital Live Performance


Video: Digital LIVE Performance Platform

Pandit Bickram Ghosh along with Keerthivasan, Chief Executing Officer of Playtoome inaugurated India’s first digital LIVE performance platform titled

This platform has till now given the chance to about one hundred and thirty artists to showcase their talent to a live audience on the digital platform. With the help of this platform, one can reach out to a lot more people and also let them know about their creativity.


“Digital platforms have grown in a great manner. The coming of these platforms will be immensely helpful. People will have to buy tickets like in concerts and wait at the correct time to view this show. One cannot watch it afterwards. That is the beauty of this platform. Otherwise it will become like Youtube-you can watch videos later. I performed in one such live show and the experience was amazing” said Pandit Bickram Ghosh.

With the help of such initiatives, many new artists will be able to get a platform and also helps in promoting different musical forms as well.

Priyanka Dutta

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