Book Launch by Waymark Invincible Foundation on Scope of Digital Media


Video: Book Launch by Waymark Invincible Foundation

The main aim of Waymark Invincible Foundation is to create jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities using digital medium. The company was set up by IIM Calcutta alumnus Jayanta Ghosh. To give the people an idea of the work that they do and the scope using digital media, a book was launched was done in the presence of Srijit Mukherji, Iman Chakraborty, Jayanta Ghosh, Rupak Saha and others.


An elaborate discussion was done by the panellists as to the advantages and disadvantages of using digital medium in different fields of work.

Srijit Mukherji highlighted on the fact that with the advent of digital medium, film making has progressed by leaps and bounds. “Now we can take multiple shots of a scene and then pick the best scene. Earlier we used to have to think about wasting film rolls. But that can be avoided now” said the director.


For Iman, having a social media presence has been very helpful. This has helped her to reach out to many of her fans spread across the world.

The foundation also highlighted on the fact that they aim to teach the people how to use digital media in their work by 2025.

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