Director Abhirup Ghosh’s Next Film Rahasya Romancho Series; Tribute to Bengali Pulp Literature



After his last film K: Secret Eye, director Abhirup Ghosh is back again with an anthology film Rahasya Romancho Series. The film is actually a tribute to Bengali pulp literature.

The film features three thrilling stories. In the first story, a cyclone has hit Bengal and all forms of transport are suspended. Taking advantage of the frequent power cuts and stormy weather, a serial killer, Psycho Sanyal, escapes from jail. Meanwhile, a girl called Sayani, is stranded at the restaurant she works in due to the cyclone. A stranger knocks on the door of the restaurant and seeks refuge from the terrible weather. Out of sympathy, she lets the man in. The stranded strangers share a tense, uncomfortable night at the restaurant as the threat of impending doom lurks in the shadows in the form of the serial killer.

In the second story, a young guy, Arjun, who needs some income in order to support his extravagant lifestyle, is recruited by a car theft ring. The car theft gang is led by a man called Jhontu. Jhontu trains Arjun and what follows is a series of heists. As Arjun goes deep into the world of crime, he faces betrayal and gets trapped in a web of lies.

The third story focuses on Saikat, a notorious gambler, who has the reputation of being the luckiest man of Kolkata. He wins every game he plays or every bet he places. One day, his friend refers him to an underground gambling den which has high stakes games. Being a gambling addict, Saikat communicates with the den and shows interest in playing. The den organizes simple games of toss. The player has to stake an item which is very valuable to him. The house will evaluate the staked item and stake a reasonable amount in turn. If the player wins the toss, the house will pay him the staked amount. If the
house wins the toss, the player will have to give up the staked item. Saikat decide to play, and is drawn into a nightmarish journey.

Priyanka Sarkar, Rudranil Ghosh, Kanchan Mullick, Bishwanath Basu, Saayoni Ghosh, Souman Bose, Poulomi Das, Jina Tarafder will be seen in important roles in the film.

The screenplay is by Abhirup Ghosh and the film is produced by Esby Montage Art House and True Calling Media.

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