Press Meet of India’s First Food Fantasy Film Rainbow Jelly Organized


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Director Soukarya Ghosal’s upcoming Bengali film Rainbow Jelly is India’s first food fantasy film. A press meet was organized in the presence of the director, along with Mahabrata Basu as Ghoton, Sreelekha Mitra as Poripisi, Kaushik Sen as Gondaria, Anumegha Banerjee as Poppins, Shantilal Mukherjee as Anadi, music director Nabarun Bose and others.


The story, screenplay, dialogue, lyrics, animation are by Soukarya Ghosal.

The story revolves around Ghoton who is an autistic orphan boy, deprived of love and affection. He is tormented by his maternal uncle and mocked by his fellow neighbourhood. Ghoton hopes that he will escape this harsh world and one day find joy and happiness. His life takes a turn when he comes across Poripisi. She cooks the magical dish Rainbow Jelly which consists of seven tastes- sweet, sour, salty, spicy, pungent, astringent and bitter. Ghoton serves this to his uncle and then a change happens in his life. To know more, one will have to wait for the film to release.


Speaking at the event, Soukarya Ghosal said “We have tried very hard to make a good film. With a limited budget and great dreams, we have continued to fight on relentlessly in our effort to make this film. The film is a children’s film but one that can be enjoyed by one and all”.


Sreelekha Mitra mentioned that with this film, one will be feeling nostalgic. “Gone are the days when people used to tell their kids stories about fairies aka poris. Now they have been replaced with video games. With this film, the fantasy world of the kids will again be evoked. I sincerely hope that the people come to the hall to watch the film” said the actress.


Mahabrata Basu who plays Ghoton in the film is a 13 year old boy who was affected with septicaemia an hour after his birth. Mahabrata after going through a methodical workshop for the movie is no more of a pupil at a special school. Now he is going to a regular school. A special child playing the role of a marginalized IQ orphan boy is a rare thing in today’s film industry.

Daminee Basu as Poppin’s mother, Anita as Sumedha Dey, Subhajit Das as Poppin’s father will be seen in other roles in the film.

The film is eyeing for release on 25th May.

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