“We have Khajuraho and Kamasutra, Yet Sex is a Word Frowned Upon”- Director Sourav Chakraborty on His New Web-Series Japani Toy (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive)


Video: Interview of Director Sourav Chakraborty

Director Sourav Chakraborty is back with a new web series, Japani Toy. After the success of his horror web series Cartoon, the talented director is back with a political satire. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the director in an exclusive chat about Japani Toy. Excerpts..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- How did you come up with the idea of Japani Toy?
Sourav Chakraborty- After the success of Cartoon, the thought of making a satire was poking in my mind. I wanted to do something different and Cartoon’s success showed that people were into watching content that is new and varied. So this idea came up in my mind. We have the highest population and yet we shy away from speaking about sex. So many crimes against women happen in India and yet when it comes to topics of sex, it is something that one does not like to speak about. It is in our country that we have Khajuraho and Kamasutra and yet people have this hypocrite attitude. This prompted me to come up with this political satire.


Why did you think of casting Rajdeep and Ishaa?
Sourav Chakraborty- They represent my generation and they are excellent actors. Hence I could not think of anyone better to cast in these two roles.

The shooting team consisted of young individuals. How was the working experience?
Sourav Chakraborty- I have earned the reputation of being an angry director. But that is partly true. We had a huge team and time was limited. So I had to be strict at times to manage the team. We had shot for 26 hours sometimes and at those times, fun was required. Or else we would all have gone mad due to the work pressure. So we had fun in between the shots.

Who has composed the music for this web-series?
Sourav Chakraborty- Yash-Amit who had composed the music for Cartoon is doing the music for Japani Toy too. There is a Murgi-Rap in the web-series. Joy is that kind of a guy who believes in entrepreneurship. So he initially started a poultry farm. But that didn’t work out well as he could not sell a single chicken. Next he started Mushroom farming. But that led to breeding of mosquitoes that his grandmother got affected with malaria and died. It is then that he decided to start the first sex toy store in Kolkata. So the rap in a funny manner talks about his entrepreneurship efforts.


The content is different. Is this a conscious effort to break the hypocrisy and stereotypical thoughts of the people?
Sourav Chakraborty- Yes, indeed!! We have tried to show that sex is a basic instinct. Just like u get hungry, people may feel the urge to engage in sex. For that you do not need to rape a woman. Instead one can buy a sex toy and engage in the pleasure. We have said all these important things under the garb of comedy. While it may sound trivial, it is important given the events happening all around us.

Cartoon was a success. And now audiences have high expectations from Japani Toy. Are you tensed?
Sourav Chakraborty- That is true that I am a bit under pressure. If the audience loves and appreciates this web series too, we have succeeded. There is nothing vulgar shown in the web series. Youngsters as well as their parents/elders can watch the series. While the initial scenes may lead to some criticism, be assured that the remaining series is an extremely enjoyable one. Do watch it!!

Japani Toy will be streaming from 12th May onwards!!

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