Mahabrata Basu Makes His Debut in Rainbow Jelly; Know More About The 13 Year Old Young Boy



13 year old Mahabrata Basu will be making his debut in the upcoming Bengali film Rainbow Jelly. The young boy was struck by septicaemia an hour after he was born. This led to problems in development, speech and digestion problems. His parents let him learn at his own pace.

Mahabrata went to director Soukarya Ghosal’s house for an informal audition with his father in a weird costume. His mother told that though he hailed from a proper Bengali middle class family, Mahabrata Basu is not given more than a bag full of clothes to live with. He spends most of his day with trees and plants, plays in soil, almost all over in their little garden and that makes him happy the most.


According to his mother, Mahabrata in his 12 years of life had never memorized scripts ever before he started for Rainbow Jelly. In his then school, which is a school for special children in Kolkata called “Shamil”, there is no rule for children to memorise or give exams. So like every other special child there, Mahabrata was also out of this habit of memorizing lines. From that day the workshops began with the young boy. His mother used to read out portions from the script repetitively at home and Mahabrata would practise that part with the director as in acting the scenes next day. Since his normal expression is generally very numb so Soukarya developed a method of 4 expressions like happy, sad, amazed and irritated. While he would act, the director used to dictate in the own code language shouting for the 4th or 2nd or 3rd or 1st. His spontaneity of switching from expression to expression was exceptional. This process of doing a same scene used to go on for hours. It took them a solid three months workshop to get into the skin of Ghoton.


Initially Mahabrata was given the exercise of spoon marble balance which he could complete almost after a week. This is how Soukarya tried to make him to focus to a situation.

His passion for the film was immense. In the scene where Ghoton vomits, Mahabrata had drunk a bottle of saline water just after having a heavy meal to do it practically. Last year Mahabrata was admitted to a normal school called Patha Bhavan. Now he has learnt to memorize broad answers and sometimes even essays if required and write it on exam. He is doing well in studies and dreams to be an archaeologist in future.

Mahabrata is a Messi fan and now that he is free he plays football with the friends in his locality.

We hope Mahabrata shines in the film as well as in his life too!!

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