“I Don’t Know How the Audience Will React to My Bathing Scene in The Film”- Mir’s Exclusive Interview About Abar Basanta Bilap


Video: Interview of RJ and Actor Mir

RJ and actor Mir will be seen in a pivotal role in the upcoming Bengali film Abar Basanta Bilap. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with Mir in an exclusive chat about the film and his experiences of shooting the film. Excerpts…


Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- Yesteryear film Basanta Bilap holds a special place in the hearts of the Bengali audience. What is your character in the soon to release film, Abar Basanta Bilap?

Mir- My name is Dimpy and I run a coaching class titled Dimpy dar coaching. I do not like to teach male students as they are naughty and disobedient. His star student is Radhika (Devlina Kumar). Though he may dislike male students, he has a soft corner for the local goon Ghonta da. He is an effeminate character. He tries in ways to show his love for Ghonta da and Ghonta da avoids him. This makes him sad. The only person he has loved avoids him. This is in total my character in the film.

How did Dimpy da get this name? Is there a story behind it?

Mir- Dimpy da had an original name which he struck off after an event. He is a great fan of Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor. In the film Saagar, when Rishi Kapoor is shown romancing Dimple Kapadia, he does not take it in a good way. As a result, he changes his name to Dimpy (short for Dimple).

Since this is a fun film, can you share with us some funny incidents that happened on the sets?

Mir- There is a dream sequence where I am bathing and there is a background song from the film Saagar playing. This is the first time that the audience will see me in such a scene in the film. In the scene, we see Ghonta da running in slow-motion towards me. Though this is a dream sequence, we had to shoot the sequence. We had fun shooting the sequence. But I don’t know how the audience will react. Whatever may be the reaction, people must come to watch the film.

I and Sumit Samaddar did the shooting at different times. But when this was joined and I saw it on screen, I simply could not take it. There are few things which I cannot tolerate. People often say to me that they can take this thing that I did. But in this case, I cannot take this scene. The directors however have kept this scene in the trailer and now people will pause and watch this scene again and again.


How do you think the audience will react to your wet look in the film?

Mir- I simply have no idea and the less I speak about it, the better. However during the shooting, it was very hot. So it felt good to stand below a shower and get drenched.

How was the experience of working with the director duo?

Mir- They never quarrelled on the set. Instead they worked together and explained clearly to us what they wanted from a particular scene. That helped a lot in the shooting of the film. Since there were two directors, there was never a time when one of them just did all the work and the other relaxed. Instead they divided the work and ensured that it was done properly.

In today’s times, we have lost the scope of laughing out loud. How much will the audience laugh after watching Abar Basanta Bilap?

Mir- Comedy is a very difficult emotion to portray. The right amount will make you laugh. And if you go overboard a little, it will become irritating. This film has all the elements of humouring the audience and they will be able to laugh very much. But for that they will have to go to the hall and watch the film.

We wish Mir all the best for his upcoming Bengali film Abar Basanta Bilap!!

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