Bengali Short Feature Film Jibito o Mrito Raises Questions on Stereotyping Stardom



Upcoming Bengali short feature film Jibito O Mrito is directed by Abhra Chakraborty. Abhra Chakraborty recently co directed a movie called Cakewalk with Ram Kamal Mukherjee.

Abhra Chakraborty’s Jibito O Mrito is about a journey of a suburban model actress Gayatri (Mouli Halder) who believes herself better than anyone else to play Kadombini and her interaction with a veteran director Raj Sekhar (Siddhartha Chatterjee) and a senior actress Ditipriya.


She raises a few questions regarding the selection of actors and stereotype system of stardom where stardom over powers aesthetics, where box office becomes more powerful than work ethics. Gayatri is basically the innocence of a film maker what he loses during the process of becoming a celebrity director. A chance means a new life to Gayatri.
Will Gayatri be successful in portraying Kadombini by replacing a famous actress?

Priyanka Dutta

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