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Bringing a breath of fresh air to Kolkata’s listeners, Superhits 93.5 Red FM revamped the evening show U-Turn with two young and dynamic radio jockeys Rashmi and Sharique. The show creates an invigorating energy as two lively minds unite and spice up to fight the stress of mundane city-life. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with Rashmi and Sharique in an exclusive chat at the Red FM office in Kolkata. Excerpts..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- How was the journey of becoming a RJ for U-Turn?

RJ Rashmi- I was the producer of two shows, one of them being the old U-Turn. When I was told, I will be hosting the show, I was amazed and shocked to an extent. The experience till now has been good and encouraging. Earlier I never spoke with Sharique and for this show we are working together. So developing the chemistry between us has been of much importance.

RJ Sharique- I joined radio in 2014. I was doing my internship here. Then I worked at a different radio station. I got a call recently from here and I joined as producer here. Then I was offered to do this show. People already knew me but what I had to work on was creating chemistry with Rashmi. Since we will be hosting the show together, it was of paramount importance to gel well. It happened sometimes, that I said something to her and later on I will ask whether she felt bad about it or not.


You have been a producer on U Turn. How did it feel to host the new show?

RJ Rashmi- I am the last person in this office to think that I can host this show. I am neither very talkative nor do I have a conventional voice. But when I was approached, I was surprised. But it felt good to know that my boss thought me capable of handling this job. That felt good and gave me a boost.

How has the audience reacted to your show?

RJ Sharique- We thought that people will gradually appreciate our efforts. But we are lucky that from the first day itself, people have liked the show and connecting with us. They did not make us feel that we are hosting this show for the first time.

RJ Rashmi- I remember a caller who called up and said that they were not missing the RJ’s from the earlier U-Turn. That was a huge thing for both of us. That instant connect that we have been able to make with the listeners is very vital for us.

So you both have made some fans, I presume?

RJ Rashmi- Many of the listeners praise me for my voice but I am not sure whether that is true or whether they are joking. And about my male fans, I am not sure how many I have made.

RJ Sharique- I must not boast about it but I think I have made some female fans. The best part is when a girl with a great voice calls me and do not address me as Sharique Bhaiya (laughs out loud).


Did you feel any pressure while hosting this immensely popular show?

RJ Rashmi- Yes, I felt the pressure because I was not prepared to be a RJ and I cannot let my company down as they have shown so much confidence in me. While rehearsing also, I used to be so nervous. But that has helped and now many people say I sound more confident.

How did you overcome the obstacles?

RJ Rashmi- My boss asked me to keep on talking. It was not necessary that I have to sound intellectual. The people listening to me were normal people just like me. This made me realize that I will be able to do it. I kept on practising and now I am more talkative than before. And moreover the trust that my bosses showed in me made me realize that maybe they saw something in me that I was not able to see.

What is new in this revamped U-Turn?

RJ Rashmi- We are both young RJs and hence the connection has been good with the people. We do not try to sound intellectual. We talk like the normal people and this has helped in reaching out to the masses very well. This is a dual jock show consisting of a male and female RJ. This has happened after a long time. We are not always bickering with each other but we often are on the same page too. These things are new and have been well received by the listeners.

What is your expectation from the show?

Rj Rashmi- My personal expectation is that people will also know me by my name just like it happens with RJ Praveen and the others. Though that is not the benchmark, but that is a good start. I remember during the The Yellow Taxi Music Project, many people came to click selfies with me and Sharique. That felt good.

Rj Sharique- For me, I just want to keep on updating myself constantly. The day I stop that, I will become predictable and people will not like me. They will say that I know what this RJ will say next. I don’t want that to happen and so my aim is to keep on upgrading myself and present myself in new and better ways in the future.

The show promises to deliver non-stop exuberance from 5pm to 9pm every day. So tune in and de-stress yourself after a hard day at work.

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