Fashion Your Sushi- Specially Curated Menu Available at The Fatty Bao



International Sushi Day is a day created simply to encourage more people around the world to eat more sushi. And at The Fatty Bao- Izakaya and Noodle shop in Kolkata, this special day extends into a weeklong celebration with “Fashion Your Sushi” a special curated menu available from June 18th to June 24th, 2018 (Monday-Sunday), for lunch and dinner and the time in between.


“Fashion Your Sushi” is the result of a recently concluded workshop at The Fatty Bao, Kolkata between city’s celebrated creative minds including Swarup Dutta, BOBO, Vasundhara Mantri, Nil, Raj Mahtani and Sumedha Saraogi and Executive Chef Prashanth. The workshop aimed at demystifying the sushi and demonstrating the versatility, creative interpretations and infinite possibilities that make for its continued popularity across the world.


“Fashion Your Sushi” a limited edition menu that combines the creative inputs of the city’s artistic minds and Chef Prashanth’s technical expertise, boasts of interesting combination of ingredients and flavours rolled into 6 different sushi. Geisha’s Kiss by Bobo (INR 345 for 4 pieces) or Swarup’s Chatpata Kolkata (INR 325 for 4 pieces), Sumedha’s Spicy and Crunch Temaki Roll (INR 220 for 2 pieces), Summer Baby (INR 345 for 4 pieces) and others are on offer during this time.

Opening Hours: All Days of the Week: 12:00pm to 11:30 pm (Children allowed all day)

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