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Video: Trailer Launch of Happy Pill

We all are stressed, depressed at some point in our lives. Will it not be good if you could consume a pill and become happy? This is what the upcoming Bengali film Happy Pill revolves around. The trailer launch of the film took place in the presence of director Mainak Bhaumik, producer Rupa Datta (Camellia Productions Pvt Ltd), Mir, Nondini Chatterjee, Indrajit Majumdar, Savvy, Ritwick Chakraborty, Parno Mitra, Aparajita Ghosh and others.


The film has been written by Mainak Bhaumik. A medical student drops out of college due to some unfortunate circumstances and starts to run a sweet shop. His life is boring. However a sudden twist happens when he claims that he have discovered the formula for a pill that can make people happy.

Speaking about the film, Mainak Bhaumik said “We are unhappy in one way or the other. No one is completely happy in today’s times. What would happen if we had a pill that we could take and be happy? The film revolves around this idea”. The director becomes happy when he sees his favourite films or stays alone.


Mir plays the role of Pocha in the film. He is the friend, philosopher and guide of the protagonist who develops the pill to become happy. “Though Pocha is unhappy in his real life, he works with his friend and helps in the distribution of the happy pill. We are all so stressed in our day to day lives. It would have been wonderful to have a pill which could make us happy instantly. Since that is not possible in reality, the film sort of goes around this idea” said Mir.


Parno plays Rini in the film. “Rini is unhappy because she is under-confident with regard to her looks. She feels that due to her dark skin colour, she might not find a good match for her. How she turns around is what the audience will get to see in the film” said the talented actress.

Nondini Chatterjee will be seen in a negative character in the film. “We become depressed due to small events happening in our lives. If we try to remain a bit positive in such situations, that helps a lot actually. The audience must come and watch the film. They will love it” said the actress.


Sohini Sarkar, Falguni Chatterjee, Dolly Basu, Chandan Sen, Goutam Dey, Kaberi Mukherjee and others will be seen in pivotal roles in the film.

The film is eyeing for release on 27th July.

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