Debanjan Debnath-The Young Magician of Wedding Photography



When people refer to ‘Debanjan Debnath’ as the ‘young magician of wedding photography’ – it is only fitting that you maintain the best of techniques to capture unspoken moments. Debanjan is a well known photographer and has been involved with the film and fashion industry for around 12 years. This young dynamic Bong is battling against all the gray heads front benchers from the industry.

Why did Debanjan select wedding photography as his forte? Nowadays every mobile phone owner is a wedding photographer.  The stories clicked by Debanjan are in itself a story. One of his wedding clients said “When my father saw the photo where me and my Baba were crying at the time of “Kanya daan”, Debanjan captured a candid shot of my husband beside me whose eyes wet too. My baba was not very happy with my marriage decision because he is from different background. After that moment my baba was completely convinced about my choice.”

He believes in capturing natural moments and does not prefer much filtering and editing. He has a unique sense of capturing best angles in every shot.

Debanjan looks at wedding photography in a whole new way. His lenses are just an extended part of his eyes. Also he has various lenses and equipments for shooting along with a dynamic team to support his work. Debanjan follows a strong line of discipline among his team members and they are happy to work with him. One of his team members, Nirjita said “He is a strict trainer and I am learning a lot from him and the most important part is he believes in maintaining a good relationship with all the clients and it reflects on his work too. May be that’s why he can highlights clients’ best part through his lenses.”

Though he is famous for unique wedding photography but his fashion portfolio is just out of the box too. He is the icon for many upcoming models. He is also covering few events with unusual concept because he prefers uncommon ideas and thoughts.

At such a young age he has already achieved so much. For him learning and unlearning is the only way to success!!

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