Dig Into Great Hilsa Dishes at 6, Ballygunje Place’s Ilish Festival



With the monsoon already making its presence felt in Kolkata, 6, Ballygunje Place and 6 Ballygunje Place Thali have come up with an Ilish Festival for the patrons.


Chef Sushanta Sengupta while speaking about the festival said “We have been organizing this festival for the past many years. We have come up with innovative Hilsa dishes to cater to the taste buds of our customers. Availability of Hilsa is a prime concern for us. So we begin the festival when there is a good supply of Hilsa”.


Kancha aam diye ilish machher roll (Rs 700), Dhakai bhuna ilisher (Rs 700), Koromcha aar ilisher jhol (Rs 700), Ilish mach diye biryani (Rs 700), Kalojeere bata ilish (Rs 700), Pur bhora morich ilish (Rs 650), Aam tel ilisher (Rs 700), Begun ilisher jugalbandi (Rs 700) and other Ilish dishes will be available.


A special Ilish thali (Rs 1400) will also be available for the customers.

The festival will begin from 2nd August onward.


One can gorge on the delicious dishes at 6 Ballygunje Place (Ballygunje, Salt Lake Sector 1 and Ecosuite, Rajarhat) and 6 Ballygunje Place Thali (Rajdanga, Kasba and Sector 5).

Priyanka Dutta

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