“Web-Series is The Medium of The Future and I Am Glad I Started With Dark Web”- Actress Sampurna Lahiri’s Exclusive Interview on Dark Web


Video: Interview of Actress Sampurna Lahiri

Tollywood actress Sampurna Lahiri will be making her debut in the web-series genre with Sayantan Ghosal’s Dark Web. The first four episodes are already streaming and have been gaining quite good response from the audience. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the actress in an exclusive chat at SVF office. Excerpts..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- How did the director approach you for Dark Web?
Sampurna Lahiri- We had worked together in many ad-films. I was actually going to do one of his films but that did not happen due to some reason. However the wait was worthwhile as I got to work with him in such a challenging and interesting project. I already knew his team members so working with the team was nothing much of a problem for me.


Tell us something about your character.
Sampurna Lahiri- I play a journalist Diya in the web-series. She is a no-nonsense kind of a girl who believes that everything can be sorted out. She does not lose hope easily and is always positive. Her boyfriend is Arko. She is a level headed individual. It is due to her enthusiasm and optimism that she asks Aranya to continue with the search for his brother.

How much of Diya is there in Sampurna?
Sampurna Lahiri- I am brave in certain situations. That much I can relate with Diya. Another aspect of my personality is that I am quite lazy mentally. With a little push, I may have achieved something great but often I am like very lazy. I would rather pet my dogs, watch Netflix and laze around. However if I am determined to do something, I will do it. I want adventure and excitement in my life. I hate monotony.


Did you do a web-series in search for excitement and adventure then?
Sampurna Lahiri- Well, yes that is true. When my friends asked me initially to watch Game of Thrones, I was reluctant as I felt it was over hyped. But after I watched it, I got addicted. And now I am a huge fan of web-series. This is the medium of the future and I will definitely want to be a part of it so that future generations can see my work.

How was your experience of shooting your first web-series?
Sampurna Lahiri- The experience was exhilarating. The shooting is just like we do in a film. It is shot in a large scale just like we do in films. Only it is divided into episodes and then presented to the audience.

Did you have any idea about the Dark Web before doing this web-series?
Sampurna Lahiri- I had frankly no idea about the Dark Web. When I read the script, I called Sayantan and asked him whether the information I read was true or not. He said it is true. I was shocked and equally amazed. With this series, many people who are ignorant like me about the darker side of the internet will be informed and they will be able to use it wisely in the future.


So you feel that this will create awareness among the audience?
Sampurna Lahiri- I have always believed that a good film will always impart something valuable to its audience. The same can be said about this web-series. People will become aware and they will be able to avoid many problems in the long run. When I read about Blue Whale, I searched for it in the internet for the game. But I found only pictures and then I understood that there is something dark about the internet. With Dark Web, people will be able to know about this sinister aspect of the internet and save them from getting pulled in any problem.

The team that you worked with is a young team. How was the experience of shooting with the team?
Sampurna Lahiri- Yes, the team was young and we had great fun shooting the web-series. We never felt like we were working. We used to pull pranks on each other, irritate one another on the sets. Apart from one or two individuals, everyone was young on the sets. Some were even younger than me. Working with such young individuals is a good thing. They have new ideas and new concepts.

One funny incident that I would like to share is that Sayantan is afraid of dogs. So when my pet Lhasa Apso named Malai came to the sets, he used to stay very far away from the dog. However when he was checking a scene on the monitor, I sat beside him and kept the dog beside him. He could not go away as he was checking the shots. After some time, he said that this dog is so well behaved and he has never encountered such a well behaved dog. He was scared of big dogs at the outdoor shoots but his fear of small dogs like Malai was reduced.

Four episodes have already released. What are your expectations from the series?
Sampurna Lahiri- I have got positive feedback from the people who have watched it on the various social media sites. One can watch this anytime and I hope that Dark Web will reach out to a huge audience and people will become aware of this dark side of the internet.

What are your upcoming projects?
Sampurna Lahiri- I am waiting the release of my film Tritio by Animesh Bose which is a psychological film. It shows a day in the life of a girl. Rajatava Dutta, Sudipta Chakraborty and Joy Sengupta also feature in the film.

We wish Sampurna all the best for Dark Web and her future endeavours!!

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