“Awareness About The Dark Side of the Internet Will Happen With Dark Web”- Shaheb Bhattacharya’s Exclusive Interview About His Debut Web-Series


Video: Interview of Actor Shaheb Bhattacharya

Actor Shaheb Bhattacharya who made his debut in the web-series genre with Sayantan Ghosal’s Dark Web, have been getting positive feedback from the audience after the release of the first four episodes. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the talented actor at SVF office. Excerpts..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- Tell us something about your character in the web-series.
Shaheb Bhattacharya- I cannot reveal much about the character. But all I can say is that my character helps in the search and this search is related to the Dark Web. Not many people were aware about this aspect before the web-series. Now they have become slightly aware. For those people who had some idea, they are watching the series because they already know about it. The response after the release of the first four episodes has been good and positive.


Prior to working in the Dark Web, did you have any idea about this dark side of the internet?
Shaheb Bhattacharya– Yes, I have read about it beforehand. I read about the sites where children and illegal arms were sold and I also knew about the red room. But I never explored the Dark Web as in that way, your computer can be hacked. I did not take that chance but yes I was aware of this dark and gruesome side.

How was the shooting experience, since this is your first web-series?
Shaheb Bhattacharya- I was initially apprehensive as to how the shoot will be done. Films are shot in a particular manner. But I was happy to see that the shooting process is similar to that of a film. The entire team was young and full of innovative ideas. Since a majority of the audience of Hoichoi are young individuals, we have shot the web-series in a way so that they will like it and connect to it.

Since the team was young, did you have fun shooting the web-series?
Shaheb Bhattacharya- Pointing out a funny incident will be tough. But one thing happened at our shoot in North Bengal. We knew it will be cold there. But the weather was just the opposite. It was 35-36 degrees and we have to put on sweaters and jackets and shoot in the heat. This was indeed funny as heroines have to shoot in chiffon saris in cold weather and we had to wear such woollen clothes in such a hot weather.


Which is your favourite web-series?
Shaheb Bhattacharya– I have a few favourites. Narcos will top the list however. This is the case because I actually began watching it first. It is an interesting series and I really enjoy it.

How has the audience reacted to Dark Web till now?
Shaheb Bhattacharya- The response has been very good. Many people have liked it which is evident from their social media messages. People who were not aware of this side of the internet will now become aware and they will be able to brace themselves.

We sincerely hope that more audience watch Dark Web and become aware about this dark side of the internet!!

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