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Actor Joey Debroy who has done a number of films, web-series, reality shows has now ventured into the world of mega-serials. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the actor on his debut serial Hridoy Haran BA Pass which began airing on Zee Bangla. Excerpts..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- This is your first mega serial. Why did you say yes to this show?

Joey Debroy- To tell you the truth, I have recently bought a flat in Pune and I need to pay the installment. Hence when the offer came from Zee to do this serial, I readily agreed. The team of the serial is good and Snehasish da is awesome as the producer. Moreover Hridoy Haran BA Pass is a content driven serial where I am playing the main protagonist. What more can I ask for in my debut mega serial?

Tell us something about Hridoy Haran..

Joey Debroy- He is a simple boy who does not like to study. Everyone scolds him as he does not like to study. Only his grandmother supports him. He wants to become a lyricist. He writes songs under an alias name and they become hit songs. However he does not even get the job of a peon. He lands up at the heroine’s house for a job interview. What happens next? This is basically a story about a normal boy becomes a hero.


The storyline has great resemblance with Uttam Kumar’s film Deya Neya. What do you have to say about that?

Joey Debroy- The storyline has some similarities but that is the extent. Comparing the serial with that iconic film will be doing injustice to me. My acting cannot be compared with that of the legendary Uttam Kumar. The content of this serial is completely different. The treatment is also different.

I have approached the character differently. Uttam Kumar was a subtle actor. I will never try to copy him as that is impossible. I am doing this in my way. I am playing a very normal and simple guy in this serial.

How is the experience of shooting for this serial?

Joey Debroy- It feels like I am doing the work of two years in two weeks. It is very hectic. If five minutes footage comes out for a film during a day’s shoot, the team is considered good. For this serial, twenty five minutes footage is being shot. The television industry is different. The television director has great clarity. He knows how to shoot the serial in such a limited time and get the maximum output. I am literally going mad but the team is very supportive.

I have trouble speaking Bengali as I am from Shillong. I also went to boarding schools outside Bengal. Debu da helps me a lot on the sets to improve my Bengali. I am working hard to get it right.

Apart from the hard work, are you having fun on the sets too?

Joey Debroy- The actor who is playing my father’s role Gautam da is very funny. We have just begun shooting and the chemistry between the actors is slowly developing.

Apart from Hridoy Horon, what are the other works you have in your kitty?

Joey Debroy- A Indo-Bangladesh Bengali film Mone Rekho is going to release on Eid. Mahiya Mahi and Bonny Sengupta have acted in the film. My character and Bonny’s character are college friends. I play a good guy and my brother is a goon. Mahiya’s character falls in love with my character. This is not liked by Bonny’s character. What happens next? I have done a mass song for this film which has released recently and has been getting much appreciation.

While I was shooting for Mone Rekho, I was shortlisted for a role in the web-series Sacred Games. But I did not have the time, so I had to opt out of it.


You have done movies which have doing the rounds of the festivals. How do you feel about it?

Joey Debroy- I am glad that I could be a part of such films. These films have given me recognition as an actor. The films give an actor a different take on acting.

What is your expectation from Hridoy Haran BA Pass?

Joey Debroy- I want to work hard and I do not believe in expectations. When you do not get as per your expectation, you become sad. I do not want that. I am not running after fame but I want the respect from the audiences. Hridoy Horon is not Joey. I want to make such an image that people will come to watch the next film or web-series I do just by knowing that I am acting in it. Hopefully I will be able to achieve that in the future. Fingers Crossed!!

We do hope that you achieve much success in your career!!

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