Urotaar Staged Amader Pagla Dashu; Aim to Revive Reading Habits in Children



After exploring the streets of India for more than 5 years, Urotaar wanted to move ahead and experiment with something new. With that idea, they came across the Bengali project Amader Pagla Dashu – a series of Space Theatre comprising of theatrical narratives, music, dance and recitation based on the works of Sukumar Ray.

The script, direction, costume and choreography is by Moupiya Banerjee.

Most of us have grown up reading Sukumar Ray’s works. But the immortality of his works is getting lost day by day as the young generation is too busy to compete in the rat race of life. This project is to encourage reading books especially Bengali literature and to revive the sentiments related to Sukumar Ray and our childhood.


Moupiya Banerjee as narrator, Sumanta Sarkar as Pagla Dashu, Koushik Banerjee as common man, Ram Das, Adrika Das and Sombit Das as chorus, Priyankar Chakraborty at live music constitute the cast of this production.

The duration of the production is 50 minutes.

Priyanka Dutta

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