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A teacher changes your life in many ways. Whether you were afraid or you adored them or had a crush on them or idolized them- a teacher is one person whom we always look up to. On Teacher’s Day, Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with some popular television actors who shared their memories of their favourite teacher.


Actress Chandni Saha
Chandni was a student of United Missionary. “Mithu aunty who was my class one class teacher is my favourite teacher. I was a naughty student and I was not very studious. But I was loved by the teachers. Piyali aunty who was also my primary school teacher loved me too. In the secondary section, Chandana aunty, Lina George, Joyasree aunty also loved me equally” said the actress.

She also mentioned about Chandan sir from whom she took private tuitions.

Chandni is in contact with some of her teachers even now via different social media platforms.


Actor Hritojeet Chattopadhyay
The actor mentioned his favourite teacher to be his Physics and Mathematics teacher at school. Physics was taught by Subhra madam while mathematics was taught by Mallick sir.
“It was in class 11 or 12 when we had a Physics practical class. I did not ask for permission and went to play a football match between science section and commerce section. The football match was very important to us. However our teacher came to know about that and came to the match. I was so embarrassed on seeing my teacher. I thought I will be scolded very much. However I was not scolded. Instead I was reasoned with on why I should have attended the class and not bunked it” said the actor.

As for his Mathematics teacher, he mentioned that he was a good teacher who made studies fun. He used to get angry at times too, which led to much humour among his students.

The actor is in touch with his teachers via Whatsapp.


Actor Gourab Mondal
“My parents are my favourite teachers. Both of them are Bengali teachers. They were students of Jadavpur University. They taught at different schools. But I was a student at the school where my mother (Suparna Chakraborty) taught. So the fun was in the fact that I had to call my mother “Madam” at school. When she was taking the attendance, instead of saying ‘Yes madam’, I often said ‘Yes, Ma’. That was indeed funny and I was teased by my classmates very much for a long time at school. However since she was so strict with me, I always stood first in class. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise” said Gourab.


Actress Monami Ghosh
“My father was a teacher. My father have taught me everything- be it studies or acting. My father had a group which performed plays. I used to recitation. We also had a school at home named Nandan where exercises, drawing were taught. In a nutshell, all I can say is my father is my biggest teacher. Apart from that, I used to learn Yoga from Ashok sir. I was also a State Level District Champion” said the talented actress.

Monami further added that life however is the biggest teacher as it teaches one many things daily. The things that life teaches are not taught by any educational institution or any individual.


Actor Raj Bhattacharya
For Raj, his father has been the most influential teacher of his life. Apart from his teacher, the actor feels that life and time has taught him things that have shaped him up. “Moreover people from whom I have learnt something directly or indirectly are a teacher or someone who have taught me something. People who have hated me or told me that I will not be able to do something have also contributed to my growth. It is due to their negative vibes that I have pushed myself to the limit and achieved what I have wanted to do in my life” added the actor.


Actor Joey Debroy
“My mother is my life. She is my favourite teacher. I studied at a boarding school and she taught me the phonetics before I went there. My first education in m life has been through my mother” said Joey.

For Joey, life has also taught him many things. His life at the boarding school has hardened him and taught him how to deal with difficult situations. During the weekends when the parents of other friends used to come to meet them, he felt lonely. When he left his job, apart from a few friends, most friends did not remain in touch with him. At one point, he had just Rs 370 in his pocket. He was a spendthrift and he spent on his friends. But this incident taught him who his real friends are and now the actor has matured much from these experiences of life, a great teacher.

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