“Making People Laugh is Extremely Difficult”- Dev’s Exclusive Interview on His Next Film Hoichoi Unlimited


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Dev who has been offering back to back serious films is back with a fun filled entertaining film Hoichoi Unlimited this Durga Puja. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the actor-producer at his office in an exclusive chat. Excerpts..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- After films like Kabir and Cockpit you are back with this fun filled film Hoichoi Unlimited. Why did you take such a decision?

Dev– When I make serious films, people ask me when I will make fun filled films and now I made a fun filled one and people are asking me why this film? Jokes apart, I never got such a script before and hence I did not make it before. The script is awesome. Bengalis love to travel and this is a travelogue. They will love to see this film as this will give them a tour of Uzbekistan within three hours.


The cast consists of actors with whom you have acted before and actors with whom you have never acted before. How was the experience of working with such a huge cast?

Dev- It has been a wonderful experience actually. Rajatava Dutta, Saswata Chatterjee, Roza, Arna, Manasi di, Puja, Koushani, Koneenica and others have given wonderful performances in the film. I have worked with many of them before. Working with each of them has been a great experience for me. Comedy is the most difficult task. Making someone laugh is a difficult task. Now-a-days heap comedy has taken over. But ensuring that the comedy is not cheap and yet you make others laugh is the biggest challenge. Hoichoi Unlimited is a fun film but the comedy is not cheap and frivolous.

You are constantly thriving to do something new. This is an entertainment film with a difference. How different is Hoichoi Unlimited from your other films?

Dev- I did not want to make a Paglu or Rangbaaz. I wanted to give something new and fresh to the audience. Hence I came up with this film for the audience. I knew I have to cater to people who spend Rs 300 for a ticket for a Bollywood film and also to those people who have waited for a long time to see me in this entertaining look. This film will cater to both these groups. People who love to roam but cannot visit due to time or money problems, can visit the hall and watch the film for a grand tour of this beautiful place.

How was the experience of shooting in Uzbekistan?

Dev- When I first heard the name of Uzbekistan, my first instinct was where is this country located? When I finally understood the location, I went to do reckee of the place. It is then I understood that they do not have a film industry and they do not have any idea about films or how to produce them. The only films they saw were some Hollywood films and some Bollywood films of Mithun Chakraborty and Mera Naam Joker. So the biggest challenge was how to shoot in such a virgin location where no Indian film was shot before? Our line producer was from Russia and all the equipment we had was brought from Russia. The government of Uzbekistan helped us and the output that you see now is amazing.

How much Hoichoi did you all do during the shoot of the film?

Dev- We all had a blast. My challenge was that I will show a new country to my audience. I wanted to shoot the film in such a way that the Prime Minister will call me and say that you have shot it extremely well. They have even asked me to become their brand ambassador. The entire team consisted of people who loved to travel. Hence we had a blast. We shot at places like Tashkent, Samarkhand and Bukhara. So we nearly covered the entire country. Different parts of the country had a different scenic beauty. Moreover the officials at different place gave us such a warm welcome that we felt pampered. The country is extremely beautiful. For people who can afford it, they must visit it sometime. Or else watch our film to view the scenic beauty.


You are already doing new and innovative things to promote your film. What other promotional aspects you have in mind?

Dev- My aim is to keep the audiences entertained and also involved with my film. Hence the different promotional campaigns to keep them engrossed with the film. If they cannot do Hoichoi after seeing the film, my purpose is not served.

You have shot in Uzbeskistan. Will you be releasing the film there?

Dev- Yes, the film will release in different parts of Russia. Talks are already on. They have even asked for a date. This is a huge achievement for my company.

Do you think this will widen the spectrum of Bengali cinema worldwide?

Dev- Yes, it will indeed be the case. If we promote their country, they will become interested to promote Kolkata too. They will not only shoot in Mumbai but they will come here also.

You have worked with Aniket Chattopadhyay yet again. How was the experience?

Dev- He is a wonderful director who has a great range. He directs films like Kabir and also makes films like Hoichoi Unlimited. I have always admired his works and I wish him all the best.

Lastly, how much Hoichoi do you think Hoichoi Unlimited will make during the Pujas?

Dev- We all have grown so serious these days. With the things happening all around us-be it the Kerala flood or the breaking down of Majherhat Bridge, life has become very serious. I also have been doing serious films for quite some time now. Hence I wanted to give the audience something cheerful during the Pujas so that they can have a great time. Hence I made this fun travelogue Hoichoi Unlimited. People will be in for a treat these Pujas.

We surely hope that Hoichoi Unlimited creates much Hoihoi during the upcoming Durga Pujas. Best of luck!!

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