“I Have Worked Hard to Become Rajlakshmi”-Bangladeshi Actress Jyotika Jyoti’s Exclusive Interview


Video: Interview of Actress Jyotika Jyoti

Bangladeshi actress Jyotika Jyoti will be seen essaying out the role of Rajlakshmi in director Pradipta Bhattacharya’s film Rajlakshmi o Srikanta. This is her first film outside Bangladesh. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the actress in an exclusive chat at Anderson Club. Excerpts..


Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- You play Rajlakshmi in the film. How was the experience?
Jyotika Jyoti- I have had a great time shooting for this film. The entire team consisting of the director and the other actors have been very supportive and I have never felt that I am away from home. They have been extremely cordial and I have loved working here. I was preparing for the role for the past one year after Pradipta da contacted me. Getting the diction correct was one thing that I had in mind. And I worked hard to get it right. I stopped acting in serials for the last one year so that I could prepare for this role. I want to make an impression here with my first movie and hence I took the pains. This film is set in a modern setting and people who will think that this will be in an old setting will be surprised. I hope that the people here like my acting.

How did you get the offer for this role?
Jyotika Jyoti– I came to Kolkata to act in a diploma film of SRFTI directed by a Bangladeshi director. They used to bring food from Puran Dhaka restaurant. I was fascinated by the name, so I went there one day. It is there I met Sujoy Nag and it is through him I got introduced to Pradipta da. I expressed my interest to work here and sent a few samples of my work. They liked it and since they needed a fresh face, I got selected.


You have worked in India and Bangladesh. Did you find any difference?
Jyotika Jyoti- (smiles) Yes, there is a lot of difference between the two industries.

Since this is your first film in India, what are your expectations from the film?
Jyotika Jyoti- I have worked really hard to become Rajlakshmi for the film. The director and the other actors like Rahul, Ritwick, Aparajita Adhya have praised me for my work in the film. I will never be satisfied with my work. I had asked them to correct me if I said my lines in an incorrect diction. They have all helped me. I just hope that my hard work shines through and the audience appreciates my work.

We wish Jyotika all the best and hoping that she shine as Rajlakshmi in the film!!

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