“People Will Hardly Recognize Me as Koushani When They See Me in Hoichoi Unlimited”- Actress Koushani Mukherjee’s Exclusive Interview


Actress Koushani Mukherjee was added to the cast of Aniket Chattopadhyay’s Durga Puja release Hoichoi Unlimited at the last moment. The actress who has been mesmerizing the audiences with her performances in back to back films will be seen in a different avatar in this film. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the actress who shared interesting facts about her experiences of working in the film. Read on…

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- I heard you were the last minute addition to the cast of the film. How did that happen?
Koushani Mukherjee- Well, when the script was in the preliminary stage, I got a call from Dev who thought I would suit the role. But since I was busy with my other works, miscommunication happened. Then I got free from my work and I heard that Mimi di (Mimi Chakraborty) was doing the role. So I understood that they have finalized the role. Next I heard that they have some changes done. And lo, as luck would have it, I land up with the role. I guess I was destined to do the role.


How was the experience of working in the film?
Koushani Mukherjee- Uzbekistan is a virgin location for shooting purposes. The beauty of the place will mesmerize you. It was a good experience shooting the film. We had to face some hardships as the weather was too hot. I remember shooting for a song when I became so dehydrated that blood came out of my nose. However the end product is so beautiful that these hardships seem trivial now. People who can afford to go to Uzbekistan will surely go visit this place after watching the film. For those who cannot afford to go, they can watch the film and enjoy the beauty of the place.

Apart from shooting, I heard that you all did roam around the place during your free time. How was it?
Koushani Mukherjee- You asked the best person to answer this question. (laughs) Since it was an ensemble cast, we had free days in between shoots. So we roamed around and revelled in the beauty of nature. I remember visiting Bukhara. It is a stunning place. The beauty will make you gaze in disbelief. I even asked Dev to shoot a romantic song of us in this place. Since there were no plans of shooting at Bukhara, we were actually thinking of whom to call to write a song for us.

We also consumed different kinds of kebabs, desserts and a special pulao that they make. It was delicious. We were invited by the Uzbekistan Government one day and we went there. We were treated extremely well. They even played Hindi songs for us. We danced to the songs. In short, we had a blast.

Tell us something about the character you play in the film.
Koushani Mukherjee- Every character has a particular trait which sets it apart from the others. I will not reveal much as that will spoil the fun element. When people will see me in the film, they will have a hard time recognizing me in the role. I have even laughed many times when enacting the role. The character is very stupid and idiotic. Many a time, I had to reshoot some scenes as the director wanted me to do the scene in an even more dumb way. She is a lady who is busy with her household work, does puja, read books and often does not have time for her husband even. She sees everything but understands nothing. In short, she is very stupid and dumb.

How challenging was it to portray such a dumb character?
Koushani Mukherjee- When Aniket da briefed me about the role I knew what kind of character I was going to play. I knew it will be a huge challenge as I am not like her in real life. The character knew her husband is in Uzbekistan. If that was the case with me, I would easily understand that the person has gone to have some fun. But this lady instead takes the other wives and funds their tickets to Uzbekistan. You can very well understand the stupidity of the person that I had to play.


How is Dev as a producer and as a co-actor?
Koushani Mukherjee- This is an oft asked question. Dev is a senior actor who has been working for so many years now. He has earned the title of Superstar due to his hard work. I am no one to judge him as an actor. The audience have given their verdict.

As a producer, he has a cool temperament. With such a huge cast and shooting at a virgin location where no film has been shot before, keeping your cool is a huge task. He did that with much confidence. When the captain of the ship is so balanced, the other members of the team see him and follow his lead. I will give him a 9 as a producer.

Hoichoi Unlimited is releasing during the pujas. How much Hoichoi do you think it will create during the pujas?
Koushani Mukherjee- I have high expectations from the film as the film has everything-drama, romance, fun, great songs. In short it is a complete entertainment package for the audience during the Pujas. After pandal hopping, shopping, adda with friends and family, one must go to the hall to enjoy this film as you will leave the hall thoroughly entertained.

What are your other upcoming projects?
Koushani Mukherjee- Girlfriend with Bonny Sengupta is going to release before the Pujas I think and Jamai Bodol with Soham will release after the Pujas. I have three releases and I am so happy.

Best of luck Koushani!!

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