Book Ananter Dhwoni by Sukanya Dutta Released



The book launch of Ananter Dhwoni, written by the talented actress, singer and poet Sukanya Dutta was done in the esteemed presence of chief guest Arjun Chakraborty (renowned actor and singer), Dr. Paramesh Banerji (reputed Homeopath), Mr. Goutam Das (the publisher of Parampara Prakashon), Debasish Basu (eminent anchor) and many other respected personalities from various fields of work at The Park hotel.

‘Ananter Dhwoni’ (The Sound of Eternity) is Sukanya Dutta’s second book of poems that revolves around different subject matters. The book is a collection of 100 poems, which reflects Sukanya’s philosophical thoughts presented in her original style manifesting as a literary masterpiece. Sukanya’s poems come from her feelings, thoughts, experiences, emotions and knowledge, so the subjects of her poems range from social to specific occasions to romance to many other aspects of Life. Each of the hundred poems talks about a specific subject in a very simple language. It talks about hope and faith.

Sukanya Dutta’s first book ‘Mon’ (The Mind) was published by Arunima Prakashoni and consisted of 75 poems on varied subject matters.

Priced at a reasonable cost of INR 189, ‘Ananter Dhwoni’ is already available on for Pre-order and soon it will be available on Flipkart. The book is also available at Dey’s bookstores, Adi Dey bookstores, Dhyanbindu, Krantika, Chatterjee and Chakraborty and many other stalls in College Street and would soon be available in Starmark.

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