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26/11 Music for peace Concert held at Kalamandir Kolkata; Music to end violence

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“One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world. These lines by Malala at the United Nations apparently do not stand true in today’s tumultuous times. Education can surely change the world and also help in ending the violence prevailing all over the world. Five years after the reprehensible terrorist attacks in Mumbai by Terrorists, terrorism still poses a serious and constant threat not only to us but also to the world at large. Today’s peace concert is a humble way of paying tribute to the people who lost their lives to the terror attacks and also to invoke peace all around the world” said Soumyojit Mahapatra, Secretary, Public Relations Society of India. The 26/11 Music for peace organized by PRSI in association with Banglanatok.com is a fitting musical tribute to raise voice against violence and promote peace.

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The musical evening saw the Kolkata Police band setting the stage for the show by rendering songs like “Chak de India”, “Sare Jahan se achcha” and many more. They surely paved the way for the smooth flow of the program. Abhijit Bose and his student, reputed folk song singer Dipannita Acharya regaled the audience with their wonderful renditions of folk songs from all over the country. “Love conquers all and it is through music that violence can be controlled” said Dipannita. Upal Sengupta was joined in by an urban and experimenting group of musicians to represent the youth of the city. The group is known as Gaan Abahomaan. Susmit Bose who has been engaged in composing great music for over thirty years now, said “The overriding conviction that has settled into my guitar playing is that culture alone is the best way of sending a message about even the most complex issues. I am convinced now that music is an influence of change”.

26/11 peace concert

Arjun Khayapa and Golam Fakir, the baul singers from Nadia enthralled the audience with their performance of soulful Sufi, Fakiri, Marfati and Mushidi songs.

The 26/11 Music For peace was indeed a musical treat for the listeners who assembled at the Kalamandir auditorium.

Priyanka Dutta

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