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Delicious Bengali Food for this Poila Boishakh at Kolkata Restaurant ‘Jaisalmer’


The three F’s in the life of most Bengalis- food, festivals and football. Keeping this in mind restaurant Jaisalmer located at Sector 5 has come up with a delicious Poila Baisakh menu for the food lovers. The menu consists of traditional dishes which many of us crave for on the Bengali New Year’s day.

Jaisalmer will serve a special menu for this “Poila Boishakh”. Aam Porar Sorbot, Tomato Dhania Sorba and Salad will mark the beginning of the menu for this special day. The vegetarian starters include Mochar Chop, Vegetable Chop, Pudina Paneer Tikka and Babri Aloo. Non Veg Starters include Kucho Chingri Macher Chop, MANGSHER Chop, Chicken Barha Kebab and Dim er Devil. The quintessential Luchi and Aloor Dum is also available in this menu for the food lovers.


Vegetarian main course dishes comprises of Shukto, Dhokar Dalna, Potoler Dolma, Enchorer Kofta and Sona Munger Dal. The Non Vegetarian main course consists of items like Kachi Pathar Jhol, Kacha Lankar Murgi, Chingri Malai Curry, Basanti Pulao and Ghee Bhat. Aloo Bhaja, Begun Bhaja, Kumro Bhaja, Patal Bhaja and Laal Saagis will also be available. Dessert consists of Payesh, Baked Mihidana and Mishti Doi.

The timing for lunch is from 12 noon to 3.30 pm and dinner is from 7 pm – 11.30 pm. The pocket pinch is 749/- Plus taxes and this menu will be available on14th April & 15th April.

Priyanka Dutta

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Interview: Actress Arunima Ghosh on her Upcoming Bengali Films Egoler Chokh and Kiriti o Kaalo Bhromor (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive)


Actress Arunima Ghosh who has been able to make a mark with her acting credentials in both Bengali films and television is acting in two important and much awaited films this year. One is Arindam Sil’s Egoler Chokh and the other is Anindya Bikash Dutta’s film Kiriti o Kaalo Bhromor. Sholoana Bangaliana caught up with the actress and spoke with her at length about the films she is acting in and much more…

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- Since you are doing a film based on Kiriti and Shabor Dasgupta, my first question is, have you read the stories?

Arunima Ghosh- Unfortunately no!! I have not read either of them. However, I will read them for sure. I have read Feluda only. However, I am not having any troubles shooting for Kiriti because this is a modernized version (done to appeal to modern audiences). The script is helping me a lot and I am just sticking to it.


Tell us about your roles in both the films…

Arunima Ghosh- Krishna in Kiriti o Kaalo Bhromor is a Parsi girl who has been brought up in Kolkata. She is a bit modern and not very traditional. A good role for sure!!

In Egoler Chokh I am playing the role of a bar dancer. One must not confuse this with a cabaret dancer. I even will be seen performing to a song in this film. A different character with shades!!

Are you facing any problems in portraying Krishna on-screen?

Arunima Ghosh- This is the first Kiriti story and no one will compare me with any actor. That is a big help. The story has been modernized a bit. So I am just sticking to the script for the portrayal of the character of Krishna.


You have worked with Arindam Sil as a co-actor and now he is directing you and even has a record of giving some super hit thrillers. How was it working with him as the director for the first time?

Arunima Ghosh- Yes, this is my first time and I have had a great time shooting the film with him. He used to give advice on what he wanted from me in a particular scene. That helped as I could understand his point of view in a particular scene.

Is Arindam Sil better as an actor or as a director?

Arunima Ghosh- (laughs) Well, he is both a good director and an equally good actor.

After Nayikar Sangbad, you are again paired with Indraneil Sengupta and Samadarshi Dutta. What was the shooting experience like?

Arunima Ghosh- Indraneil and I became good friends during Nayikar Sangbad. Now we are very good friends. He is extremely professional and also very witty. This film has helped in making the friendship even stronger. As for Samadarshi, he is hard working and an equally good actor. The fact that we have worked before has helped us all immensely during the shoots.


You have been part of Bappaditya Bandopadhyay’s films. Have you watched Sohra Bridge?

Arunima Ghosh- Unfortunately no, I didn’t get the time to watch it. But I will surely watch the film. I still cannot grasp the fact that the man is no more with us. He taught me the language of films. It is after working with him that I began watching the films made by Ritwik Ghatak. This is a tremendous loss for all of us.

When are we going to see you next on the small screen?

Arunima Ghosh- Right now I am busy with these two films. But I have offers of acting in the small films made for the television viewing audience. However, I have done a few reality shows. Shooting for them is fun because I can meet with friends and also two- three days of shoot is not much of a hassle.

With two such exciting projects in hand, what are your expectations?

Arunima Ghosh- I am superbly excited and I have high expectations from both the films as I always had with the other projects that I have done till now. Let’s hope that the audience loves and appreciates the work that we have done.

We also hope that your efforts are appreciated. All the best Arunima!!

Priyanka Dutta

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New Colors Bangla Serial Sohagi Sindoor is a New Tale of Love and Revenge; Starts January 18


New Colors Bangla serial Sohagi Sindoor is a tale of love and revenge. The story is about Sohag who is from an educated and cultured family. She wanted to be a lawyer like her father. However their financial constraints do not allow her to fulfill her wishes. The Dutta clan on the other hand is just opposite to this family. They are immoral and unlawful. The clan is headed by Ambika with her son Deepto by her side. In a twist of fate Deepto and Sohag end up marrying each other. Will love ever bloom in their lives?


“Sohagi Sindoor is not the typical romantic love story. The serial shows a matriarchal family headed by Ambika which is a contrast to the prevalent patriarchal society that we live in. My character has some special supernatural powers due to which the family members respect me. However Ambika is fond of her sons and depends on them” said actress Mallika Ghosh.

Souptik who plays Deepto said “He is arrogant. That is the first impression that you will have about him. But he is soft at heart. There are two shades to the character which lends a certain charm to him”.


The Dutta family is devotees of Ma Kali while Sohag’s family is Baishnab. “We are cultured and sophisticated as opposed to the Dutta clan. They have more money but their choice is very crude. This one can understand by looking at the way they dress. Their dressing sense is inspired by the Bollywood films and is so loud and over the top” revealed Biplab Banerjee who plays Purnendu in the serial.

Ronita plays the bubbly, intelligent girl named Sohag in this serial. “She bonds well with her brother and is close to her parents. She protests against injustice and this is a cause of concern for her parents. The fun is the first time she meets Deepto, they start quarrelling. Slowly the love story develops though” said the pretty actress with a smile.


Pradip Chakraborty (Anondomoy Dutta), Koushik Banerjee (Sudhamoy), Mallika Ghosh (Ambika), Debraj Mukherjee (Sukhomoy), Abanti Dutta (Mukta), Animesh Bhaduri (Shuddho), Souptik Chakraborty (Dipto), Ronita Das (Sohag), Biplab Banerjee (Purnendu), Reshmi Sen (Aloka), Aniket (Parag) will be seen essaying out the various characters in this serial.

Ambika’s husband will be revealed later in the serial. That will be an interesting twist to the serial, revealed the makers of Sohagi Sindoor. Actress Rupsa will also be seen playing an interesting character.

The new serial Sohagi Sindoor will be aired from 18th January every Monday to Saturday at 10pm only on Colors Bangla!!

Priyanka Dutta

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The Top 5 Bengali Films and Film Makers of 2015; Year End Summary by Sholoana Bangaliana

Top-5 Bengali-films

2015 was an eventful year for the Bengali film industry as, not only did film makers and actors dared to be different but also challenged norms and successfully emerged as winners. Let’s take a quick look at the year end summary…

Sholoana Bangaliana Hall of Fame:

Chotoder-ChobiA film beyond criticisms, reviews and ranks, we salute the film maker and the entire team of Chotoder Chobi for this brave attempt.

The Top 5 Films that made a mark:

Bengali-film-Open-Tee-BioscopeOpen Tee Bioscope

Not only did the film highlight the charms of the yesteryear North Kolkata but also entertained and tickled enough to be remembered as a good film to watch with family.


With a theme that boldly challenges the clichéd Bengali, or for that matter, Indian notion about relationships and the ideal code of conduct, Belaseshe held on to theaters across Kolkata for a record number of 200+ days. Cheers to experience and love!

Bengali-detective-story-Ebar-ShoborEbar Shobor

A well-knit story and smart direction are what made Ebar Shobor one of the most entertaining films of the year. Moreover, a new cop detective and the possibilities of a new franchise were more than warmly welcomed by the Bengali cine lovers who, if not overdosed by Feluda and Byomkesh certainly have had enough of their characteristic styles.

Bengali-thriller-Sesh-AnkaSesh Anka

With Sesh Anka, the Bengali film industry got to enjoy a racy thriller that was lapped up quite well by the audience and critics alike. The storyline is a sure winner, as even the leading daily TOI (Cal Times) had stated in its review.

Bengali-science-fiction-Abby-SenAbby Sen

A ‘Sci-fi with a heart’ is how we would like to describe this film. With a story line woven so beautifully around a subject that most would find difficult to weave with a relationship drama, this is surely one of its kind.



While these were the films that the audience cherished, lets a take a look at the directors who gave the audience something new and innovative…


The Top 5 Directors whom the audience applauded

Bengali-film-director-Arindam-SilArindam Sil

His smart direction, ability to breathe magic into stories and the very knowledge of what the audience wants, gave the Bengali film industry two block busters in Ebar Shobor and Har Har Byomkesh in 2015. His wonderful cinematic packaging and ability to extract the best from his actors makes every film of his the talk of the town.


Siboprosad-Nandita RoyShiboprosad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy

A director duo that has always surprised the Bengali film audience with novel concepts, Shiboprosad and Nandita not only gave a super-duper hit but also broke the barriers of region and language as the film Belaseshe got overwhelming response even from the non-Bengali speaking audience; making it the pride of Bengal.


singer-Anindya-ChatterjeeAnindya Chatterjee

The Chandrabindoo man stole hearts with his very debut film as a director. Anindya Chatterjee with his film Open Tee Bioscope not only gave some young and talented actors a wonderful platform but also the Bengali audience wonderful cinema to cherish for long. Shoojit Sircar certainly knows where to put his money!

SrijitSrijit Mukherjee

The master story teller in 2015 went bold and fearless with content driven films like Nirbaak and Rajkahini. Be it the subtle imagery in Nirbaak or the power packed acting by the ensemble cast in Rajkahini, Srijit gave us films to learn from.


Tathagata-BanerjeeTathagata Banerjee

Perseverance, patience and an unwavering faith in his team are the key factors that led director Tathagata Banerjee to a successful debut in the racy thriller Sesh Anka. The conviction with which he utilized underrated actors like Deepankar De, Mir, Deboprosad Halder and Debleena Dutta gave Sesh Anka a fresh feel and look.


Special Mention: Birsa Dasgupta must also be applauded for his successful mainstream film ‘Sudhu Tomar Jonyo’. Eminent Bengali theater writer-director Debesh Chattopadhyay has also given us a wonderful film in ‘Natoker Moton’.

***Director Atanu Ghosh surely deserves a special mention for his social Sci-fi Abby Sen.


Summary by Sholoana Bangaliana Creative Team

Image Credits: Google Images

Creatives: Bitan De