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Bengali Film Thammar Boyfriend Promotions with Thamma on a Shopping Spree


The cast of the upcoming Bengali film Thammar Boyfriend consisting of Sabitri Chatterjee, Abir Chatterjee, Arunima Ghosh and director Anindya Ghosh was present to promote their new film. The event titled Thamma on a shopping spree saw veteran actress Sabitri Chatterjee on a shopping spree at 4, Hindustan Park.


Sabitri Chatterjee is playing the role of Thakuma in the fun filled comedy film Thammar Boyfried. The actress browsed through the collection and was visibly impressed with it. “Black is my favourite colour and the collection is impressive here. The people here are even more adorable. I will come another time and spend some time to do the shopping. As far as the film is concerned I had a good time shooting the film. The bike ride which has been gaining much hype was the scariest scene. We were shooting in Shantiniketan. It was raining. After it stopped, we continued the shoot. I was worried that I might fall off the bike but Abir assured me. I sat on the bike wearing a Benarasi sari and I was so scared. However I got a lot of praise for the scene” said the actress.

Proprietor Aparajita Majumder mentioned that the Thamma-Natni collection at the store had both saris and also long, flowing dresses in light fabrics. The prices start from Rs 1500 onwards.

The film Thammar Boyfriend is slated for release on 18th November.

Priyanka Dutta

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