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Special Episode of Lakhichhana With Blind Kids; Musician Surojit Special Guest in The Episode

Video:Lakhichhana Special Episode

Lakhichhana on Aakash Aath, a talk show for kids between the ages of 4 and 8 years is back in the second season and has been gaining good publicity among the audience. A special episode with the blind kids from Louis Braille Memorial School for The Sightless was shot recently at the Aakash Aath Studio. Ace musician Surojit was also present at the occasion along with the anchor of the show Sujan Mukherjee.


Speaking at the occasion, Sujan Mukherjee said “I dislike calling the kids blind. They have more fine sense than many of us. They may have one sense less. But they have heightened other senses. In this episode, we have tried to do those things which they will be able to engage in. They are not different from the kids who have eyes. They inspire me”.


Singer Surojit was present at the occasion and he sang his popular songs like Tomar dekha nai re for the kids. “The kids are so smart. They have been so inspiring. They have been so cordial and have been even singing with us. Having eyes may be considered a boon. But I do not find them anything less just because they do not have eyes” said the singer.

The special show will be aired in the last week of January on Lakhichhana on Aakash Aath.

Priyanka Dutta

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