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7th National Mime Festival Overwhelmed with Participation of International Mime Troupes

7th National Mime Festival Kolkata

Mime, is a performing art form which involves less usage of speech and more bodily movements to convey feelings and emotions. The art form originated in Ancient Greece and the term was derived from the word Pantomimus (a single masked performer). The art form which is much practiced all over the world however is less practiced in our country. In order to raise the awareness among the people for this art form, the National Mime Festival has been organized. The festival was organized by Indian Mime Theatre in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Govt of India and EZCC.


In its seventh year, the festival attracted a huge number of participants from different parts of the country (Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Uttar Pradesh and other places) and also from neighboring countries like Bangladesh.


The main thrust of this Mime festival is to make the people aware of this art form and promote them in our country. The organizers also felt that with this kind of active participation from groups from all over the country and also from outside, the performers will come to know about the nature of work going on elsewhere. After the performances, workshops and interactive sessions were also held to help in enhancing the performances of the performers in future.


The participants performed at the festival at the EZCC premises and will be next performing the art form in front of audiences at Shantiniketan.

With such initiatives being taken at the government level to promote this art form, we can hope that it will flourish like the other forms of art practiced in India.

Priyanka Dutta

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