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Short Film Phantasm by Director Abhigyan Mukherjee to Release on Youtube


Director Abhigyan Mukherjee who made his debut with the Bengali film Chitra released in 2015 has come up with his new short film venture “Phantasm”. The story and concept is by Niladri Shankar Roy who is also the producer of the film. The music is by Rahul Sinha.

Phantasm is a story about a teenager who turns into a drug addict after an incident happens in his life. It mainly focuses on how drugs affect a person physically and mentally and how he falls in the trap of believing in reel things. The film also focuses on the relationship of a father and son which becomes one of the major reason behind the guy falling in this trap.

Director Abhijit Guha who is known for films like “Jodi love dile na praane” with director Sudeshna Roy portrays the role of the father  of the teenager who dislikes his son from his childhood. The teenage boy is played by television actor Tanmay Majumdar who was last seen in television serial Meera and Durga.

The short film will be soon released on Youtube like short films Devi, Ahalya and others.

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Young Director Abhigyan Mukherjee all Set to Present a Romantic Saga in Upcoming Bengali Film ‘Chitra’; Poster Launched

Upcoming Bengali Film Chitra Poster Launch

In the august presence of Sudeshna Roy, Abhijit Guha, Pujarini Ghosh, Abhijit Bhattacharya, Abhigyan Mukherjee, Sushmita Bhattacharya, the poster launch of the upcoming Bengali film Chitra took place at The Press Club recently.


“When I first met him he looked like a kid straight out of school. But when I started talking with him and heard the synopsis of the film I understood that behind the kid like exterior, is a mature person with a mature level of understanding. I have also seen his diploma film which had won awards. What I liked about it is it had a good narrative and was not bogged down by the usual process. The film was well made and I realized that there was a maker in him. While working with him and the other young actors in the film, I learnt how the young people think and act” said Sudeshna Roy.

The film Chitra is essentially a love story of Neel and Chitra with women empowerment issues at the backdrop. Neel is a NRI while Chitra is a college student. Society plays the role of the villain. What happens to their love story? That the film alone will answer.

Sudeshna Roy plays the role of the aunt of the two sisters in the film. “My character is a Non-Bengali lady who is the aunt of the sisters. She also acts as their guardian. She is a lady with a modern outlook” added the actress.

Actress Pujarini Ghosh who plays the role of Chitra in the film was also full of praises for the young director. Looking sexy in the short red dress that she wore at the event, the actress was also keeping her fingers crossed for her first lead role in a Tollywood film.

The film is slated for release soon. We will all have to wait to watch how the 23 year old director has handled a topic as grave and serious as women empowerment in the film Chitra.

Priyanka Dutta

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