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New Bollywood Hindi Film Roar Presents a Gripping Tale of the Man Eating Tigers of The Sunderbans of Bengal


Roar, directed by Kamal Sadanah and produced by Abis Rizvi is a film based on the marshlands of Bengal, The Sunderbans and its Man Eating and is all set for a October 31 release and here’s a sneak-peek into the film’s story.

A young photojournalist Uday who is being sent on an assignment in the Sunderbans rescues a white tiger cub. The white tiger cub was caught in the trap of a poacher and he brings the cub to a small settlement where he lives. However this sets panic among the villagers. In order to bring back peace in the village, the forest warden takes the cub away.


As a result, the Royal Bengal Tigress enters the village in search of her cub. She picks up the scent of her cub’s blood and the tigress reaches Uday’s hut. She fails to get the cub back and she decides to avenge her baby’s separation. She unleashes the wrath on Uday by killing him and disappearing with the body.

Uday’s brother Pundit who is the captain of the elite commando team comes to the jungle to claim the dead body of his brother. The park warden refuses to send the party to recover the body. Pundit gets emotional and angry and takes the matter in his own hands. Local guide Madhu, tracker Jhumpa and Pundit’s own commando team go off on a do or die mission to capture and kill the white tigress.

The team’s quest leads them deep into the marshy heartland of the Sundarbans where they see things only heard of before in old folklores of Bengal.


The white tigress is sharp and intelligent and eludes the group every time she is manipulated in her territory. Adding to the trouble is a villainous poacher Bheera, who takes this opportunity to serve his own interest. He plans to use the survivors to trap his prized catch. However, little do they know that the hunters will soon become the hunted unless the untamed is left undisturbed!

A gripping tale woven around the marshlands of the Sunderbans and the fight for survival that has now become a way of life for the people there; Roar is expected to take the audience on an interesting wild safari.

Roar -Tigers Of The Sundarbans | English Subtitle Official Theatrical Trailer