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“House husbands like me are the real leaders of the house”, says Chetan Bhagat at Infocom 2014 Keynote Address


“The house husbands like me though a minority in our country are the real leaders of the house. This is simply because I do not have to go outside nor think about any financial issues involved with running the family. My wife on the other hand works and puts her best efforts at her job. So think twice when you want to become the CEO of a company or you want to become a house husband like me” said eminent writer Chetan Bhagat with a hearty laugh. The author was present at Infocom 2014 to deliver a leadership keynote on Unleashing your Potential.


While interacting with the assembled guests, the celebrated writer said “There was a time when a five thousand books sale was given the status of best seller. When I first wrote the novel about the three Indian friends, many publishers rejected it. They all wanted literary novels which will get an award and will get covered by the media. However when my book got published and it sold over a lakh copies, it changed everything in the publishing industry”.

The writer highlighted on the fact that one must believe in themselves to do something in their lives. “Having a supportive family and spouse also helps. When I decided to leave the job, my wife helped a lot. I also had made financial provisions too for my family. Till now I have never taken any financial help from my wife. I had also made provisions for situations like if she loses her job and so on when I actually left the job” said the writer.


The writer focused on three states of life of a settled individual- existing, fading or alive. Existing are those individuals who are neither happy nor sad. They have a steady job and an increasing bank balance. Fading are those individuals who work like robots and have nothing in their lives to keep them motivated and happy. Only the third group which is of a lesser percentage is the truly happy individuals. They are contented about their life and work.

Chetan Bhagat concluded the session by mentioning that Kolkata will feature surely in one of his upcoming books. Moreover he also added that just like one bathes every day; one must reignite their motivation on a daily basis.

Priyanka Dutta

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