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Usha Uthup’s Audio Music Album ‘Memories’ Launched by Zeenat Aman and Ramesh Sippy

Usha Uthup Audio Music Album Launched

Memories, the music album of eminent singer Usha Uthup was released in the presence of Bollywood actress Zeenat Aman and ace director Ramesh Sippy. Also present were Mahua Lahiri of Asha Audio, Kiran Juneja and Munna-Raj at the ceremony.

R.D. Burman, the music composer who had given numerous hits is a legend in his own right. To pay tribute to him, eminent singer Usha Uthup dedicated a music album titled Memories.


“I had the position to select a music director of my choice and in came Rahul Dev Burman. He makes his entry and the choice was proved right. I selected him because of his youth and energy. Many people said that he used too much percussion and rhythm and is not like his father Sachin Dev Burman. But I liked his energy and the enthusiasm. I made up my mind that it has to be him and hence my association with the great musician”, said Ramesh Sippy.


Zeenat Aman revealed that the late music composer had composed music for twenty seven of her films, which was a record for the music composer. “This is a great feeling that the man composed music for so many of my films. Thank you Munna for the research!! Even I was not aware of this before. He has been part of my biggest hits like Dum Maro Dum, Samundar Mein Nahake and many others. He was legendary and is legendary. It is wonderful that the film is released in his genre and my dear friend Usha had spearheaded this initiative. I am glad I am here for the release of the album”.


Usha Uthup said on the occasion “I am thankful to Asha Audio and Munna Raj for actually helping me in bringing out this music album. I am also immensely glad that Zeenat is sitting beside me. Not an event has passed where I have not hummed Hare Rama Hare Krishna. And I am equally grateful that Ramesh Sippy is sitting beside me who unknowingly has always acted as my guide. I thank the Lord for actually making this happen”.

With eight songs composed by the late music director, the album Memories will be a good album for one to buy. The album is available at all the leading outlets and is presented by Asha Audio.

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Tollywood Superstar Jeet Celebrated Big B’s Birthday with his Fan Club and New Bengali Movie Bachchan Stars

Tollywood Hero Jeet Celebrating the Birthday of Big B

Amitabh Bachchan, the man who has been entertaining us with blockbuster movies over the years celebrated his 72nd birthday on October 11. Members of the fan club of Tollywood hero Jeet organized a gala event to celebrate the success of the film Bachchan (which has Jeet playing the role of a diehard fan of the Big B) and also to celebrate the birthday of Amitabh Bachchan. Director Raja Chanda, Superstar Jeet, Comedian Kanchan Mullick and actress Aindrita Ray were present at the occasion to further add to the day’s jubilation.


Speaking on the occasion Jeet said “To be hailed as the Bachchan of Tollywood is a huge thing for me. I am humbled for the love given to me. However I will never be able to match Big B. I am happy to be get all the love as Jeet. I am a big fan of the superstar and I earnestly wish that he has a long and healthy life”.


Aindrita Ray, who made her debut in Bengali films with Bachchan spoke highly about the charisma of Jeet which she got to see on her visits to the different halls where the film was screened. “I was thrilled to see the kind of response that Jeet’s presence could generate. This is a first for me” said the actress.


The team of Bachchan cut a big cake which had different images of the superstar in his various looks. Jeet even sportingly delivered a few dialogues of the Superstar and matched steps to one of the songs ‘Bachchan Bachchan Bachchan meri jaan hain Bachchan’ from the movie Bachchan. Following this a special screening of the film was also organized for the assembled audience at Bijoli cinema hall.


Produced by Grassroot Entertainment and Reliance Entertainment, the New Kolkata Bengali film Bachchan has been one of the biggest hits of the season as not only does it have the charismatic pull of Tollywood Hero Jeet but two lovely actresses namely Payel Sarkar and debutant Aindrita to mesmerize the audience with their wonderful acting and ethereal beauty. So, if you still haven’t been to the theaters to see the Superstar in action, hurry up and rush to watch Bachchan this weekend!

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New Bengali Movie Aamar Aami Review; Director Orko Sinha Passes off Average in his Debut Project


New Kolkata Bengali Movie Aamar Ami by debutant director Orko Sinha had a star studded premiere on September 5 and present at the premiere show to support Orko and his team were eminent film personalities from Tollywood that also included the likes of Director Srijit Mukherji and Actor Abir Chatterjee.

Aamar Ami is the story of Subrata, Sumita, Chandrima, Saumya and Anirban, all of whom are constantly seen battling with their present in order to find the true purpose of their life, only to eventually realize the futility of it all.

Subrata, the aspiring poet who hates his job of an LIC agent is burdened with the responsibilities of family but continues to drag on as he is well aware of the realities of life only to eventually give up. Sumita, who was an accomplished theater actor before marriage is seen trying to bag a role in films with the help of her friend Anirban who is an accomplished commercial film director, but eventually gives up her pursuit when she realizes that she is jeopardizing her only son’s and her own secured life in trying to run after her dreams. Saumya, who even though an engineer is seen running from pillar to post to make a mark as a photographer and his girlfriend Chandrima is seen pampering as well as supporting her guy only to eventually realize that life often forces one to make tough choices.

It is this quest to find the Aamar Ami that entwines the lives of these people which director Orko Sinha has tried to cinematically portray in this New Bengali Movie.

Now talking about the actors, it is only the male leads namely Rahul Banerjee, Biswanatha Bose and Upal Sengupta who look and act credible. Arunima who is otherwise a wonderful actress is a disaster in this movie as she looks a complete misfit in the scheme of things. Her tone, her looks as well as her emoting skills look too made up in most scenes and she fails to connect with the audience and express the dilemma that Sumita is going through. Indrasish who was last seen in the Abir-Raima starrer Hrid Majharey has also matured as an actor but still needs to go a long way.

The technical aspects of the movie are well taken care of and director Orko definitely shows some promise in terms of his story telling techniques; he just needs to be choosier about the cast. Actress Debleena who was in a short but ‘showy’ role was good in her part; sexy and with the right attitude, which well explains why she finds a significant place in the film’s poster in spite of having an insignificant role to play.

Music by Raja Narayan Deb is nothing too mesmerizing as just the title track Aamar Ami sung by Rupankar is one that you may at least feel like humming along; but yes only till you are in the theater as the music is definitely not worth carrying back.

This movie had an interesting concept and good style of presentation but what kept hurting the eyes were scenes in which actress Arunima had to play the middle class housewife with all that streaked hair and the zero size which is so not a ‘Bangali Bhodromohila’ image.

Though the director had all good intentions of presenting an interesting concept, it surely could not be made smartly enough to draw the audience to the theaters time and again resulting in a box-office hit. We wish director Orko the Very Best for his future endeavors and hope that people can soon identify with his style of storytelling and start taking note of his films.

Audio Music Album Launch of Bengali Film Aamar Aami

Short Film Antartica to be Screened at Space Theatre in Science City Kolkata

Antarctica, a film based on the continent will be screened on large screen at the Space Theatre in Science City Kolkata.

The 38 minute adventure film captures the wonder and majesty of Antarctica. The hurdles that a human can face in the area will also be well portrayed in the film. The beauty as well as the harshness of the least unexplored area on Earth has been captured wonderfully. Professor Sudipta Sengupta who was the first woman scientist to set foot on this ice continent Antarctica was also present at the special screening of the film. Speaking at the occasion, she said “Blizzards are so common there that survival of humans is indeed a challenge. Penguins and seals are the two visible life forms in the area. They are the only life forms that have adjusted to the harsh natural conditions in the area”.

The crew of the film had to drag about 2300 pounds of equipment around for the shooting. Two Antarctic summers were required for completing the film. The crew stayed at the Chinese, American, French and Russian camps. One of the most important conclusions that came up is that the threat of global warming is causing the ice to melt which in itself is a cause of concern for the people.

The film stresses on the fact that in order to understand about the effects of the global warming, one can also look at the peaks of the Antarctica which will serve as a reference for many climatologists. This is a very easy way of understanding the global changes in the climatic patterns.

There will be seven shows of this film for the next six months onwards in the Space Theatre at Science City.

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Bengali Short Film Oneker Moddhay Ekjon Makes it to the Short Film Corner of Cannes Film Festival; Team Interview

Oneker Moddhe Ekjon
Bengali Short Film Oneker Moddhay Ekjon, by Kolkata Director Duo Indrasish Acharya and Tathagata Banerjee has been selected to feature in the Short Film Corner of Cannes Film Festival; a news that has not just made the Bengalis but the entire Film making fraternity of the country proud and in order to peep into the creative sphere of the unit of this celebrated short film, team Shholoana Bangaliana caught up with the entire crew of the movie and shared some interesting moments chatting with each member of the team.

Oneker Moddhay Ekjon, the concept of which is the brainchild of Director Indrasish Acharya (who also happens to be a PWC employee) is a story that talks about the subtleties of relationships and their fast eroding presence in our lives. Mr. Tathagata Banerjee who has already made over 60 tele-films and several short films has partnered with Mr. Acharya in bringing this complex yet beautiful concept scripted by Ms. Nivedita Dey to life on screen and the director duo has been duly assisted by Subhajit and the production managed by Debjoy along with Arijit playing the role of the overall problem solver.

The cast of Oneker Moddhe Ekjon comprises of accomplished actress Debleena whose previous short film Soti has already done the rounds of the Cannes Short Film Corner, First Timer Deepa, who right in her very first project has garnered praises for her acting from peers and Mr. Raja Mukherjee, who though quite happy to have had a chance to essay such a complex character also confesses that he is still quite clueless about the motivations of his character which seemed to have all shades of grey. Mr. Debjoy Mallick, who is actually an actor by profession had taken charge of managing the entire production and thus the tag of the most hated miser has also essayed a short but important role in the movie, thus adding to the film’s strength with his powerful acting.

Though the conversation with the team was more about the entire process of making the film, right from initiation of the project to the email that came in announcing their selection in the short film corner, few very pertinent questions related to the entire concept of making short films was also discussed at length. While talking about why people make short films, Mr. Acharya said, “Making short films is more of an addiction to me and I do this out of sheer love for this mode of expression of thoughts. Having said that, I would also like to say that, as many may think, it is not true that such films are made just for the love of the art without any material gains and I can say this as I have made good profits from my earlier films. In fact from my last film, Living Between the Lines I not only earned quite a lucrative sum but also got over eleven national and international awards. So the desire to make more such films is still blazing and I shall continue with my addiction of presenting more such interesting concepts on screen”. Adding on to the discussion, Mr. Tathagata Banerjee drew our attention towards the issues that short film makers working under tight budgetary constraints face owed to the lack of professionalism that is so prevalent in the Tollywood Film Industry. While recounting some such very unpleasant incidents, Mr. Banerjee also spoke about the difficulties that the production controller had to face while dealing with vendors who would just not stick to their word and staff who would unnecessarily create trouble and extend shift timings and thus the overall production cost.

This short film which eventually scaled its way to the short film corner of Cannes was sent as a last minute entry by Mr. Acharya and has definitely made the entire team proud and each team member is not only elated about its success but also hopes that it will act as a testimony of their talent for future work.

While talking about their first reactions on hearing the news of their movie’s selection in Cannes, Mr. Banerjee also shared snippets from one very interesting aspect of his life. Mr. Banerjee said that a few years back he had discovered that his father collects and keeps cuttings of all his newspaper reviews, public appearance reports and all other media reports in his two personal diaries and the fact that the news of Oneker Moddhe Ekjon going to the Cannes will again find a special place in his dad’s diary is probably his biggest and most precious reward.

Films and teams such as this act as a source of inspiration for the many short film makers that Kolkata has as one thing that was predominant in the entire course of making this film was the Love for Cinema and an in-depth knowledge of the art of storytelling.

We wish the team of Oneker Moddhay Ekjon All the Luck for their future ventures and hope that they continue to make us proud with wonderful presentations that are appreciated the world over by cinema lovers.

Bengali Short Film Oneker Moddhay Ekjon Team Interview (You Tube)