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Mahurat of Upcoming Bengali Film Chena Ochena; Film Focusing on Present Day Parenting


The Mahurat of the upcoming Bengali film Chena Ochena took place recently. The look test of the actors also took place on the same day.

The director of the film is Raj Chatterjee who was a dance director before making his debut as a director with this film. The story of the film is about a couple who do not have any child. Due to the busy schedule and due to some mental stress, they were gradually going away from one another. The son of an influential politician goes missing during the school picnic. The school authorities search for him but they do not find him. The childless couple finds him and treats him as his son. The child also has lost his memory. Meanwhile the politician exerts his influence to look for his son. Is he able to find him? What happens to the childless couple?

Sudip, Puspita, Aditi, Joy, Master Rohan and newcomer Vishal Kumar will be seen in important roles in the film.


“People who have kids often send them away to hostels. But the childless couples crave for kids. We are showing both the positive and negative sides of the effect of sending kids away to hostels. I like family drama and hence I thought of making the film on this issue” said the director.

Master Rohan is the director’s son. “Handling kids is a difficult thing. So I thought that taking my son will be a good thing. I am aware of his moods and tantrums. Hence dealing with him will be easy” added the director.

Prasenjit has composed the music of the film. There are six songs in the film. The lyrics of two songs have been written by Gautam Susmit. Suman Dutta Majumdar is the Executive Producer while the assistant director is Soumen Dasgupta.

The shooting of the film will begin from December in different parts of the city. Outdoor shoots will happen in Chalsa, Bhutan and other places.

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Interview: Beautiful Tollywood actress Mumtaz Sorcar; The first Tough Lady Cop of Bengali Cinema

tollywood actress mumtaz-sorcar

Sesh Anker Khela, the directorial debut of Joydeep Ghosh is a murder mystery that for the first time will be featuring an actress in the role of a tough cop and that tough cop is being played by none other than the very beautiful, ravishing and tough Mumtaz Sorcar. Team Sholoana Bangaliana caught up with the actress as soon as she got a breather from the shoot.

Our first question to Mumtaz was, “Why only Mumtaz in such a role”?

Mumtaz: It is probably because I can identify myself very well with the character as here Aditi Basu the tough IPS officer is totally in control, solving murder mysteries and “kicking people on the wrong side” and just a no-nonsense kind of a character. I too am quite like that, very tough physically as well as mentally due to which everything about such a character comes very naturally to me. In fact, whenever anyone would think of a role like this the first choice invariably has to be Mumtaz due to which probably this too came my way.

Moreover, here it’s a girl as an officer, dominating and intimidating everybody and in control of the situation and such roles give a different kind of high so playing this character is great fun.

We couldn’t help but ask Mumtaz about the costumes (Woolens, leather jackets, woodland shoes, polo Necks) that she has to sport in this movie, that too in this Kolkata Weather.

poster tollywood actress Mumtaz

If you could just elaborate upon your look and costumes in the movie..

Mumtaz: Actually I am stuck with these because of a mishap kind of a thing that happened. Actually we were supposed to shoot in Mirik but due to the unrest there, the location had to be changed. Mirik being a cold place, such winter wear costumes were finalized but due to the last minute change I am now having to feign that I am freezing and sport these clothes in this ‘Beautiful Kolkata Weather’ with heat rashes all over.

(Everything that looks so glamorous and cool on screen may not really be so for the people behind the cameras and we really appreciate Mumtaz for being such a sport and giving her best in spite of such great discomfort)

wallpaper sexy tollywood bengali actress Mumtaz

Mumtaz’s style statement for Pujo was our next question…

Mumtaz: Pujo is just about being your best and being colorful as our tradition inherently is so colorful. Traditional wear without any second thoughts but then again one should dress according to his/her age and should not over dress.   So, my mantra is ‘Experiment but with Style’.

Mumtaz Pujo dress

Just before speaking to the Beautiful Tollywood actress Mumtaz, we even spoke to the director Joydeep Ghosh to know about his thought process while finalizing his main lead for the movie to which he said that Mumtaz Sorcar as my ‘Hero’ was the obvious choice as Mumtaz along with being a trained boxer also has a very athletic look and has that confidence, toughness and style that can shape up this character well. “She exudes that no-nonsense attitude in her very gait in the movie”, said the director.

With an interesting plot, new form of treatment and a promising cast, ‘Sesh Anker Khela’ produced by Joysree Films is expected to give debutant director Joydeep Ghosh a fantastic start.


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Video Interview: Mumtaz Sorcar on the sets of Sesh Onker Khela (You Tube)

Watch Video Interview: Aditi Mittal, One of India’s cutest and wittiest Lady Comedians (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive)

live stand up comedy

Aditi Mittal is one of the top ten comedians of India and has made a niche for herself in the comedy circuit of the country. Aditi was recently in Kolkata to perform for the Kalkutta Komedians Ladies Night and literally was the show stopper of the otherwise not so funny evening. Sholoana Bangaliana caught up with Aditi backstage and had a wonderful time interviewing  the cute, bubbly comedian: (Excerpts)


Why Comedy?

I don’t know how to do anything else. I would probably last exactly eight minutes in a corporate job and I have found myself in a wonderful place with comedy so it’s all comedy. In fact, if not comedy I would probably be trying to get into comedy so it’s just comedy and all comedy for me.


Comedy has always been a male dominated area, so what was your experience trying to create a niche for yourself in this particular field?

To be honest, when I started out, I was not aware that comedy is primarily a man’s area but as I started working more I eventually realized that this is more or less the general impression. But I hadn’t heard it when I started and it didn’t deter me even later on and I do not think this should actually deter any other woman trying to get into comedy. In fact nursing was supposed to be a masculine field but now it is inundated with women,  secretaries were supposed to be males at one point of time but now that too is inundated with women, so it’s just about the time actually.

live comedy video

Do you watch our Indian comedy shows on television? Your views on that…

Yes with Archana Puran Singh and Siddhu Ji, I quite enjoy it and am glad that now comedy has such a huge platform. Though, having said that I also feel that there is a serious dearth of satire as it is mostly promotional stuff for Bollywood films and even borderlines on misogynistic at times which personally I do not like but the comedy scene, even live comedy has been facilitated by its advent on television so it’s all for good, more comedy for everybody.

live standup comedy

Do you think, the scene of comedy in India has changed from what it was before?

Yes very much so. Though even right now we are in its most nascent stage possible, about three years ago it didn’t even exist. Right now there are about 20-25 working comedians all over the country and we’ve been so fortunate to get this platform and the kind of work that we are doing.


Now that you are in Kolkata, have you already tried out the Rosogollas?

O Yes! I am all about the Rosogollas. I went to Flury’s today and saw everything, (realized my thighs are too big for the place)


coemdian Aditi Mittal

What is it that you do not like about Kolkata?

Kolkata is slow as hell and the traffic!!! Everyone is more chilled out than I thought. People here even talk so slow and do everything so slowly. But yes overall it’s nice to be here.


Watch : Interview, Cute Comedian Aditi Mittal, (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive) (You Tube)

As our viewers might have already seen, the entire four minute chat session with the funniest and wittiest lady comedian was more of a “Bengali style adda session” than a formal interview and Sholoana Bangaliana would like to Thank Aditi for infusing laughter into our otherwise mundane lives in her own cute ways.

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