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Ambi Parameswaran’s Book Nawabs, Nudes, Noodles: India Through 50 Years of Advertising Launched


Starmark, in association with Pan Macmillan India, hosted the launch of advertising professional Ambi Parameswaran’s book Nawabs, Nudes, Noodles: India through 50 Years of Advertising.


This is as much the story of Indian advertising as it is about India. Ad veteran Ambi Parameswaran looks at how advertising has evolved, reflecting the country’s culture, politics and economy in the last fifty years. The book is about sartorial taste and food habits to marriage and old age, music and language to celebrities and censorship. Ambi examines over a hundred ads to study how the Indian consumer has changed in the past five decades and how advertising and society have shaped each other.


Combining anecdote and analyses to give us a slice of modern history, Ambi evaluates the relationship between affluence, aspiration and desire in India. Exploring trends and impacts, he covers the ads that captured the imagination of the entire country. From ‘Only Vimal’ and ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan’ to ‘Jo biwi se kare pyaar’ and the controversial Tuffs shoes campaign, the book is a memorable journey through brands, consumers and the world of advertising.

Published by Pan Macmillan India, the book has been priced at Rs. 357/-. After the launch, Ambi Parameswaran was in conversation with Prof. Saibal Chattopadhyay, Director, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

Priyanka Dutta

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Ad Guru Prahlad Kakkar in Kolkata for Workshop at ILEAD


The man who is behind many successful ad campaigns like Nestle, Maggi, PepsiPrahlad Kakkar was in Kolkata to conduct a workshop on “What makes a great ad professional” at Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Development (ILEAD) campus. The interactive session had more than one hundred and fifty students participating from various other media institutes of the city also.


The first thing that ad guru Prahlad Kakkar advised to the students is never to take one self too seriously. “The day you take yourself seriously, you are on the verge of destroying your creativity. Have fun and you will be able to think creatively. The day you consider your work as work, you lose the fun and you lose the creative bent of mind. One must always think the ads as fun and then they will be able to make great ads” said Kakkar.


Kakkar captured the interest and attention of the students with his humorous stories of work in the various ad campaigns. He highlighted on the fact that young people can become entrepreneurs simply by breaking down the twilight zone. “Convincing clients is a difficult thing. For that you will have to believe in your ads. Or else the chances are, the client will understand your lack of confidence and cancel the project. One must never compromise on the idea” added the ad guru.


The first ten ideas are usually the ones which are lifted from the memory, highlighted Kakkar. It is always to dump the first ten ideas and then begin with the eleventh one as that is often a fresh idea. Though this is laborious, you end up with a good result. He also stressed on the fact that the ego must be combated or else one will not be able to move up the ladder of success.


The interactive session that followed the workshop was a revelation that Mr. Kakkar was a man of many hats, literally. A thorough professional who also enjoys traveling, scuba diving and gorging on food, Prahlad Kakkar gave the students a whirlwind ride of the ad world. The final advice from the ad guru for the budding young minds who want to enter the world of ad making was “Go and have fun”.



Priyanka Dutta




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