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Celebrate this Poila Boisakh a Little Differently with Arabian Delicacies at Kolkata Restaurant Sigree Global Grill

Arabian Food Festival at Kolkata’ s Sigree Global Grill

Arabian music can be heard in the background, coupled with waiters dressed in Arabic head gears moving around. If you are wondering that this is the setting of a film shoot, then you are completely wrong. The Arabian setting is the new theme for the ongoing food festival at Sigree Global Grill.


The Arabian culture has the influences of Persian, Indian and Mediterranean flavors due to the trade relations that they had with these places. As a result, a marked influence can be observed in their dishes. This is the reason why Sigree Global Grill has brought this Arabian food festival for the food loving people in the city.


The restaurant will be offering a perfect Arabic setting for the customers. The customers will be served a welcome drink after which they can feast on unlimited kebabs (Vegetarian or non-vegetarian). A green and red disc kept on the table will indicate whether the kebabs will be required or not. Keeping the green side will mean the customers need more kebabs while the red side will indicate that the customer requires no more kebabs.


Ingredients like sumac berries, mahlab seeds, mastic resin, zatar herbs have been brought exclusively from the Middle East so as to give the authentic taste to the dishes.

Some of the delicacies on offer include Harissa Grills, Chicken Makbous, Shashlik, Pilaf, Lamb Kibbeh and many more. To cater to the sweet tooth of the people in the city, special desserts will also be offered like Baklava, peanut Butter Tartars and so on.


The Arabian food festival will continue for two weeks. Lunch will be open from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm while dinner will be served from 7 to 11 pm.

The all inclusive lunch for vegetarians will cost Rs 660 and the dinner will cost Rs 765. The non-vegetarian lunch and dinner will cost Rs 710 and Rs 840 respectively.

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Interview- Bollywood director Meeraq Mirza on his Upcoming Children’s Film Nanhe Bachche and the Social Message in his Film


Bollywood director Meeraq Mirza was in the city for the selection of the cast of his upcoming film Nanhe Bachche. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent Priyanka Dutta engaged the ace director in a candid conversation about the film. Excerpts from the conversation…

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaWelcome to Kolkata..You are here in Kolkata for the selection of the cast. What is the selection process?

Meeraq Mirza– Thank you!!! Well we will be hosting workshops for the selection of the children who will be essaying out major roles in the film Nanhe Bachche. We have avoided going to schools for the selection as that disrupts the normal work at the school. And the school authorities may also dislike the issue. I will meet a couple of kids and then cast them in the characters.

What is the storyline of the film?

The story is about how children are affected due to the onslaught of technology. This is especially due to the advent of the smart phones. More than the advantageous aspects, the children get attracted to the bad things like drugs and other stuff. How they are getting spoilt through the use of the gadgets and through peer pressure is what is shown in the film. This is the main crux of the film. The parents also have a role to play in the rearing up of the child. This is what is shown in the film. The film has entertainment and also carries a message. It depicts life as it is.

Will you provide any solution to the audience?

I will not preach in the film but there will be subtexts. The audience is intelligent and will be able to understand what I am trying to say. Preaching in the film will make it boring and I do not want to bore the audience. I just want to make them aware about the issue so that they can handle them well.

Will you be conducting auditions in other cities too?

That time will tell, but I do not have any such plans at the moment. Bengal is a culturally rich land. This is the land of film makers like Satyajit Ray and writers like Rabindranath Tagore. I am personally a huge fan of Tagore and have read many of his writings. So I thought of selecting the children for the main roles in my film from Bengal.

Who are your target audience?

Both the masses and the classes are my target audience. In metro cities, even the poor people send their children to schools and become the victims. Thirty percent of the dialogues are in English hence these parts will appeal to the classy audience.

What kind of music had you thought for the film?

My film is not the typical film. There will be situational songs. There is no romantic track in the film. Though, films involving children like Akele Hum Akele Tum had romantic tracks that would not be the case here.

Will you be screening the film at festivals?

Yes, I do have plans of screening the film at film festivals.

What inspired you to do a film on children’s issues?

I am a literary writer too. The literary side of me compels me to contribute something to the society. Hence I thought of making a film on such a topical issue.

This is one of the cliché questions, but still I am tempted to ask. What are your expectations from the film?

I just hope people understand that one need not give high priced mobile phones to their children to showcase their love. This will be doing more harm than good for the children. Give them such phones which will enable you to stay connected and also reduce the chances of them falling prey to such harm.

 The feisty director has a wonderful concept and very honest intentions that shall surely transcend into a beautiful film that will appeal to all. We wish Meeraq Mirza all the best for his upcoming film Nanhe Bachche.

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