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Singer Rupankar’s First Nazulgeeti Album Launched


Rupankar’s first ever Nazrulgeeti album titled ‘Shawkol Kaajer Kaaji’ was recently released in the august presence of Rupankar, Indrajit Dey, Srijit Mukherji, Lagnajita, Anindita Kaji, Satrajit Sen and others. After having sung in numerous feature films, Rabindrasangeet albums and modern songs albums, this is the first ever Nazrul Geeti album of the National Award winning singer.

The name of the album has been given by Srijit Mukherji. The music arranged by Oscar nominated musician Indrajit Indro Dey.


Twelve year old Krish Gupta a young artist currently under tutelage of Shri Ajoy Chakraborty has sung a duet in this album. There are six songs in the album namely Tomari akhir moton, Arunkanti, Aalga koro khopar badhon, Karar ei louhokopat, Shaon rate Jodi and Pashaner bhangale ghum.

The album released just before the Pujas and this music album will make for a good gift for your friends and relatives!!

Priyanka Dutta

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Audio Music Album Rabindra Sahitya o Sangeet e Prathabhanga Prem Launched

Video: Audio music album Rabindra Sahitya o Sangeet e Prathabhanga Prem Launch

Audio music album Rabindra Sahitya o Sangeet e Prathabhanga Prem was recently released at an event held at Press Club. Present at the event was actress Ushasie, singer Pritha Chattopadhyay, director Satarupa Sanyal, Sabyasachi Deb and Krishna Bandopadhyay.


“With this album, I have tried to showcase Tagore’s love from a woman’s point of view. This is a case of subversive love. Women are always considered the object of desire by a man and they show their love for the woman. But in this case, the tables have been turned. The selected poems and songs of Tagore have been torn apart from their traditional association and revisited through the perspective of an active feminine sexuality” said singer Pritha Chattopadhyay.


The script of the album and the song selections have been done by Professor Epsita Halder of the Department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University, Pritha Chattopadhyay and Rahul Deb Roy. The album is a documentation of the passions, desires, anxiety, desperation, failure and fulfillments of women as active subjects of love.


Speaking at the event, actress Ushasie said “I will urge the people to listen to the album and they will surely love it. We have tried to decipher Tagore’s writings in a different way. It will be wrong to claim that we have done something path breaking. That is simply not possible because huge research on Tagore has already been done. We have just taken the path that is seldom taken up by others. Therein lies the novelty of this album”.

Brought out by Bihaan Music, the album is priced at Rs 125.

Priyanka Dutta

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